Warner,please release more dvd-a discs!!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Chris Madalena, Nov 2, 2001.

  1. Chris Madalena

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    Mar 6, 2001
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    As one of the labels who has a deep catalog of music, I'd like to see you release more dvd audio titles. Take the Yes catalog for example. What better a group to be reproduced in 6 channels? As Universal Music has recently adopted SACD as their future format of choice, I think you should raise the bar for DVD-A and put out some diverse titles. Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Van Halen, Rush, and many more A-list artists that you have. Imagine how cool it would be to have some of those 70's funk bands w/horn sections in glorious surround sound! Average white Band, Tower of Power, even some of those Buddy Rich Band titles!!
    I fully support DVD-A and hope that eventually all of the labels do the same some day, but there seems to be a HUGE lack of software on your part to do this wonderful new format justice.
    Thanks, and please consider some of these artists in the future.
    Chris Madalena
  2. Jason Seaver

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    And clarify what it's compatible with on the packaging. I was looking at Barenaked Ladies' "Maroon" in the store the other day, but didn't pick it up because I didn't know whether it would play in my DVD player. Well, that and I've already got it on CD and why have a second copy that I can't play everywhere, but that's a different issue.
  3. Matt Perkins

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    Jan 20, 1999
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    As a matter of personal policy, I won't be purchasing hardware/software for either DVD-A or SACD until I can copy, mix, edit, and use them at my leisure. The closed architecture these formats employ turns me off completely.
    But I have to agree that accurate, descriptive packaging is a must for many consumers, given the uncertainty and misinformation surrounding (ha!) these formats. And, of course, it will be harder for me to enforce my personal embargo when there are LOTS of great titles out there!
    With today's DVD-A selection, it's easy to stay on the fence. Warner, is that how you want it?
  4. Mike Frezon

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    Oct 9, 2001
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    Rensselaer, NY
    Hi! Don't know if this will be of any help, but I picked up the DVD-A of Barenaked Ladies' Maroon today. This is my first DVD-A purchase! I have been very curious!
    First, let me say that it is playing right now on my DVD-Video machine (a Toshiba 1600). The packaging says that "Advanced Resolution audio and related visual content require DVD-Audio capable players" and that "The disc will only play on players with a DVD logo and not on a conventional CD player". Well, I had done enough homework to know that there would be a 5.1 audio track that my DVD player would be able to deal with, but was unsure what, if anything, I would see on my TV screen. What I see are some still shots of band members with the title of each song. Not much, but enough--after all, it IS DVD-A! I wonder if a DVD-A player gives you more by way of accompanying video. I wouldn't think so, but based on what the packaging says, I suppose it might.

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