Warner is way behind of the DVD curve

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    After reading a lot of the threads on this forum it is really eye opening that Warner home video is way behind the DVD learning curve. Most all of the studios actually give the consumers what they want. Warner just doesn't do this. It shows when Fox releases and does a great job on their series like the X-Files season sets and HBO does the same with their series sets but Warner gives "best ofs" and compliations sets. Although they do a wonderful job on some movies like The Matrix etc. they are falling way behind on TV and their massive classic film library is just sitting there gathering dust!!! Warner GET A CLUE!
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    Yes, and Warner (as well as Fox) is sitting on a ton of superb film noir movies that need to be released NOW!
    Brad V.
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    Patrick McCart
    The main reason is that the studios try to do quality releases.
    Basically, it's eaither you wait a while for a great treatment of a classic or you get a piss-poor DVD with no extras very soon. I want a lot of classics, but I'd rather wait for quality treatments instead of half-baked efforts. The wait has paid off for movies like Citizen Kane, Snow White, and the SE of MP & Holy Grail.
    Would you really want to know how bad a DVD Citizen Kane would have been if it was released in 1997? No extras, ugly menus, no restored image and sound, and in a snapper.
    I could make a list of DVD's that would have sucked without them being made much later.
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    Patrick is right about the need for quality, and Warner is proving that. PLUS their chat indicates 50+ catalog titles are coming next year....that's like a 400% increase over the current year. Obviously their willingness to participate in a HTF chat shows they are desirous to listen to the consumers.
    And all this kissing ass about FOX is making me sick. People
    moan and piss about the littlest things on this forum while
    FOX is releasing C O L O R I Z E D-only versions of B&W
    classics (i.e. SHIRLEY TEMPLE flix just announced). Colorization is worse than Pan & Scam, and people here seem to care less about this atrocity.

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