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    Action-Packed World War II Miniseries Uprising Arrives
    on DVD and VHS from Warner Home Video December 18
    Double-Disc DVD Features Behind-the-Scenes Documentary
    and Interviews with Actual Survivors of the Warsaw Uprising
    Epic Production Stars
    Leelee Sobieski, Hank Azaria, David Schwimmer,
    Jon Voight, Donald Sutherland and Cary Elwes
    Stephen Moyer, Sadie Frost, Radha Mitchell,
    Mili Avital and Alexandra Holden Also Star
    BURBANK, Calif., November 6, 2001 - On December 18, Warner Home Video (WHV)
    will release a double-disc DVD and double-cassette VHS of NBC's miniseries
    Uprising, the heroic true stories of Jewish resistance fighters who battled
    the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. The action-filled epic,
    drawn from accounts of survivors, stars Emmy nominee Leelee Sobieski (Joan
    of Arc, Eyes Wide Shut), three-time Emmy Award winner Hank Azaria (Tuesdays
    with Morrie, "The Simpsons"), Emmy Award nominee David Schwimmer ("Friends,"
    "Band of Brothers"), Oscar winner Jon Voight (Coming Home, Pearl Harbor),
    Emmy Award winner Donald Sutherland (Space Cowboys) and Cary Elwes
    (Twister). The miniseries was also directed and executive-produced by Jon
    Avnet (Fried Green Tomatoes, Up Close and Personal), written by Paul
    Brickman (Risky Business) and Jon Avnet and filmed in Bratislava, Slovakia.
    The miniseries is augmented for DVD and VHS with "Breaking Down the Walls:
    The Road to Recreating the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising," a documentary offering a
    behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. In addition, the DVD
    includes a historical background documentary entitled "Resistance," about
    actual survivors of the Warsaw uprising, audio commentary with Avnet, and a
    second audio commentary with cast members Leelee Sobieski, Hank Azaria,
    David Schwimmer and Jon Voight. The Uprising DVD is available for $24.98
    SRP/$19.98 MAP and VHS will be sold for $19.98 SRP/$14.95 MAP.
    "This film has been seven years in the making," said Avnet. "It has been a
    very, very long journey and a very enriching one personally. These people
    are truly inspiring, and I've made every attempt to be as accurate as
    possible in a non-documentary situation."
    After Germany invades Poland in 1939, the Nazis decree that 350,000 Warsaw
    Jews be forcibly moved into a cordoned area known as the Warsaw Ghetto.
    Idealistic teacher Mordechai Anielewicz (Azaria) decides the Jews must rise
    up against the Nazis and creates the Jewish Fighting Organization (JFO). He
    tries to secure the support of Adam Czerniakow (Sutherland), the morally
    conflicted head of the Warsaw Ghetto's Jewish Council, but Adam declines
    because he knows that any act of resistance will provoke the Germans to
    retaliate by killing innocent Jews. Determined to mobilize a resistance
    alone if he has to, Mordechai recruits his friends and covert couriers whose
    ability to pass as Aryan helps them smuggle in arms and explosives from the
    Aryan side of the city, building up an arsenal to fight the Nazis.
    When the Germans begin deporting 300,000 Jews to the Treblinka death camp,
    the JFO begins acts of resistance that culminate with ghetto fighters firing
    their first gunshots against the Nazis. When it becomes clear that the JFO
    is a force to be reckoned with, the German High Command sends in General
    Stroop (Voight), who is determined to end the uprising in two or three days.
    Capturing the horror that unfolds is Fritz Hippler (Elwes), a filmmaker
    assigned by Hitler's chief propagandist to promote anti-Semitism with a film
    about Jewish life in the ghetto.
    When the Nazis continue to suffer more casualties in their battle with the
    ghetto fighters, General Stroop decides to raze the ghetto. But even that
    can't stop the JFO. Forced to go underground into bunkers but energized by
    their success, the resisters fight on, ultimately holding off the Nazi army
    longer than the entire country of Poland. They're determined to live with
    honor - and if need be, die with honor - while lighting the torch for
    resistance in the occupied territories.
    The Uprising double-disc DVD also includes the following special features:
    * "Resistance" - a historical documentary about real Uprising
    survivors Kazik and Eddleman
    * "Breaking Down the Walls: The Road to Recreating the Warsaw Ghetto"
    documentary with behind-the-scenes footage *Also on VHS
    * Web enabled for DVD-ROM PC users
    * Audio commentary by director and executive producer Jon Avnet
    * Audio commentary with Leelee Sobieski, Hank Azaria, David Schwimmer and
    Jon Voight
    * English, French and Spanish subtitles
    * Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound
    * 16X9 Aspect Ratio Screen format
    Marketing Support
    Warner Home Video will support the release of Uprising with a multi-million
    dollar television and print campaign. Print advertising includes People,
    Entertainment Weekly, Premiere, and Time. The campaign will also include a
    nationwide in-school campaign and Internet campaigns in conjunction with AOL
    and Yahoo. The Uprising DVD and VHS is not rated. Feature running time is
    180 minutes. Pre-order date is November 20.
    With operations in 78 international territories - more than the video
    division of any other studio - Warner Home Video commands the largest
    distribution infrastructure in the global video marketplace. WHV's film
    library is the largest of any studio, offering top quality new and vintage
    titles from the repertoires of Warner Bros. Pictures, Turner Home
    Entertainment, Castle Rock Entertainment, HBO Home Video and New Line Home
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    I didn't catch this when it was broadcast. Does anyone know how historically accurate it is? Is it fairly true to the real story or is it more fiction than fact?
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    Are they going to release the entire mini-series or just selected "best of" scenes? [​IMG]
    Sorry, I couldn't resist. [​IMG]
    I missed this one since I only get the networks on a marginal OTA antenna, and besides, it conflicted with the World Series. (Color me shallow.) The film looks to be worth a rental for sure, and possibly a purchase. I'm glad to see Warner Bros. doing a project like this right, and so soon after the initial broadcast.
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    ...I myself dont usually like the 'TV' feel of most miniseries, but this impressed me enough to consider purchase....

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