Warner Brothers 2 Disc SE $10 Rebate (in Meet Me in St, Louis DVD set)

Discussion in 'Bargains and Deals' started by Mark Walker, Apr 10, 2004.

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    I just purchasd A Room With A View, and inside the DVD case, there was an rebate offer stating that if you buy Meet Me in St. Louis or A Room With A View PLUS
    any of My Fair Lady, Casablanca, Dr. Zhivago, or Singin' in the Rain in their two-disc SE versions, they'll send you a $10 rebate.

    The only requirement that the wording has me perplexed is:

    Since all of these films were released as two-disc SEs prior to 4/6/04 with the exception of Meet Me in St. Louis and A Room With A View, I am wondering if this offer is good for all those titles (I bought them all), but I do not have the receipts, since it has been so long.

    (I have the "proof of purchase" tabs, just not the receipts.)

    Does this mean I need receipts ONLY if I bought them during the 4/6/2004 to 7/30/2004 time frame, or all the DVDs I purchased earlier and have no receipts for invalidated for the offer? Anyone know?

    I got burnned on the FOX rebate all that time ago because they did not consider the boxed set of Planet of the Apes as valid. (I got my offer returnned with a big red mark through it.)
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    Unfortunately it does mean that you must make the purchase between those dates and have the receipts.
    At least that's what every other offer of the same nature means.

    I'd be more interested in these offers if they allowed for receipts or POP. I'm not much for cutting out POP on DVDs, even if they are tabs like on Warners.

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