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Warner Bros. - No Babylon 5 release?? (1 Viewer)

Rob T

Aug 26, 2001
The DVD file report is very vague.
The B5 DVD that will be released on December 4th is a test disc. It will let Warner Bros. see how big the B5 market is and whether or not it's worth it to put out all 5 season box sets of the show.
The test disc will be barebones and will have the pilot episode (The Gathering) and the TV-movie, In the Beginning on it.
This disc will determine whether or not we'll get all of the show on DVD so please buy it when it comes out or pre-order it from amazon.com or another place like it. :)
Jan 7, 1999
Warner, Don't screw this up!
Babylon 5 is one of the reasons I got my dvd-player in 1998. Some analyst in WB needs to get fired.


Second Unit
Oct 7, 2000
I'm getting tired of having to see Warner Bros. pushed into doing the right thing. They reluctantly make Wonka widescreen, they're screwing with B5 (test my ass, read the multiple posts on the subject here for a test), I'm about ready to just say the hell with Warner Bros.

Michael Sliger

Second Unit
Jan 10, 2000
Warner, if the December B5 disk is a test to judge the interest of the series, please promote this release. Put ads in SF magazines, put banner ads on SF and DVD websites, and consider a TV ad on the Sci-Fi Channel. If people don't know about the DVD, they won't be added to the "survey numbers" that you are trying to collect.

todd s

Senior HTF Member
Jul 8, 1999
I was one of the those people that stopped buying vhs because of the rumored dvd. Please release the show in season box sets. And I second that you need to promote the dvd release more.
I have the movies on preorder.

John Berggren

Senior HTF Member
Jun 17, 1999
I don't know who at WB decided that VHS performance should determine DVD plans, but clearly DVD is a different type of medium. I would think that DVD is far more a sell through oriented media than was VHS.
Also, keep in mind that every B5 fan I've talked to bought some B5 tapes - heard that it was coming to DVD in widescreen - and stopped. I did this myself with season 1 of Star Trek : TNG (I started late on that one).
I am planning on buying all of TNG as it's one of my favorite shows. I have been buying all of X-files although I had only been a passive fan (after the movie). I bought Stargate SG-1 on a whim because it was well priced, though I had never seen the program (I have since become an obsessive fan). I have NEVER seen B5, and yet, I've heard enough praise for it (and have come to appreciate JMS in his other work) that I too will be buying B5, but only in season boxed sets.
WB marketting need only take a look at this forum and other fan response avenues on the web to see that there is a LOT of support for B5 on DVD. Test with a season 1 boxed set. Anamorphic Widescreen, and a smattering of features. I have no doubt that JMS would participate on the cheap for a backend deal. What's the worst that would happen?
Also. Do not test the waters with a best of release. This will NOT sell, and will not be an accurate measure of interest.
Rationality is not a commodity which is evenly distributed.
Thank you Sci-Fi channel for Season 6 of Stargate SG-1
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Sep 12, 2001
Here's another B5 fan IRKED
to hear that the season boxed sets were no longer coming. I've ordered the disc that's coming out in December. I've also had my fill of the 2 episodes per disc (ie. ST:TOS). B5 fans want season boxed sets. Do the petitions need to start again?

Joseph DeMartino

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1997
Real Name
Joseph DeMartino
Here's another B5 fan IRKED to hear that the season boxed sets were no longer coming.
Well, in fairness to WHV, they never said that any season boxed sets were coming. Ever. They have never officially said anything about their release plans for the episodes. So it is hardly like they are going back on their word or something. And with all due respect to Peter Bracke, his reporting on this issue has never been especially careful or good, because it is not a title that he's personally interested in. He's been sloppy (even in the most recent blurb he refers to two "episodes", when they are two TV movies) and he usually paraphrases, rather than quoting his sources.


Sep 12, 2001
Your right Joe.
It is just that I have been on pins & needles ever since the rumors (yes, I knew they were rumors) came out that DVDs might be in the works. Although many will not agree, for me personally, B5 has been the best series on TV in a long time. I would so dearly love to have season boxed sets (DVD only). I'm just venting frustration.

Walter Kittel

Senior HTF Member
Dec 28, 1998
Yes Joe. Your post is entirely too logical. :) Admittedly, WHV has never officially announced B5 ( beyond the initial disc. ) For me, that is part of the problem. With all of the rumors surrounding the set, I really wish that WHV could commit to series sets, or at least better communicate their plans for B5.
My concern is that this one disc is going to be released and that is all that will ever be made available on DVD. If the first release is a test disc, then WHV needs to make that widely known. I agree that the DVD File article is vague, and hopefully WHV will address this in the postponed chat.
- Walter.


Supporting Actor
Sep 5, 2000
I'm certainly buying the upcoming two-movie release in the hopes that it helps reveal to WHV that there is a lot of interest in this franchise.
I agree that VHS sales statistics are meaningless in this regard - I never even considered buying this on VHS.
If WHV wants to get any money out of this resource in home video, the strategy is clear: release full-season sets. Buying these would be a no-brainer for me (even though Warner did betray me by abandoning the laser disk set without completing it).


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 1, 2000
I've an idea...
Since they threw down the 'gauntlet' that they'll release Babylon 5 season sets if we buy the movies in Dec...
All of you who buy this movie in Dec/Jan...
* photocopy your receipt,
* make a printout of the chat transcript quoted above (or just printout this forum page) ...
* HIGHLIGHT the Warner reply that is their 'gauntlet' to us
* write a short letter to the tune of "I've done my part, now do yours"
* send the letter SNAIL MAIL to the address/people listed below (THANKS to Phifed & JDeMartino on the WB Boards)
For extra kick... if you have a digital cam... take pictures of yourself, family, friends holding the B5 discs... surround yourself with your piles of DVDs (to show that you're an avid consumer - be sure to put all TV discs in prominent view)... do whatever gets the message across that you WANT b5... take group pictures of everyone holding their own copy of the disc, people could also hold up signs with clear legible writings with their words to Warner...
In effect... create a "picket" of pictures and dvd receipts...
I know I'm gonna do it... and thought i'd share my ideas with the rest of you cause strength in numbers works.
-------------- (taken from the WB forum linked above)
Warner Home Video
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522
Michael Radiloff Vice President, DVD Marketing
You might also want to write to:
Mike Finnegan Vice President, Editorial and Programming Services, Warner Home Video
Paul Hemstreet Vice-President Special Features/DVD, Warner Home Video
Kristin Grosshandler Manager DVD Special Features, Warner Home Video

Michael Harris

Jun 4, 2001
I, for one, will purchase the first "B5" DVD. I only saw the first two and half seasons in the States before being posted overseas. I had a friend tape and ship episodes but that did not last long. There is a lot, for me, of unwatched material. As I stated in the "South Park" thread in this forum I buy complete seasons of TV shows. "B5" is a series tailor made for the DVD medium - 16x9 format, excellent sound, etc. Please Warner show us that you are still the studio that took the lead in putting DVD on the map.

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