Warner Archives DVD Sets - Does Amazon sell factory-pressed DVD too?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by galipolis, May 2, 2013.

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    Klaus Dietrichs
    Warner Archives recently started releasing the First Run batches of theirMultiple disc-Sets (TV Series) as Sets with factory-pressed DVDs.
    Can someone comment here - when Amazon starts to offer those DVD Sets soon after - if
    these are also factory-pressed discs (despite their DVD-R media note)?
    Or does Amazon indeed sell those Warner DVD Sets on burned DVD-R Mediaunlike Warner Archives who sell factory-pressed discs?
    That would be interesting to know ...
    If someone has some experience with buying recent Warner archives Multiple disc-sets
    from Amazon it would be great if he could comment on this matter.Thanks for your help.
  2. MattPriceTime

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    Matthew Price
    I'd like to see if anyone had expieiriences with his. Personally i don't beleive Amazon doesn't do anything more than order a stock from WB to distribute. Since i know one of the titles from them that they pulled for a short period didn't get pulled from Amazon. In theory if WB says not to make new ones until they fix the problem, then Amazon shouldn't still make them. But it makes sense that if they just have a small inventory of the item they will sell them till they run out. And on that item they kept it up until it said out of stock.

    If this thinking is correct than we should assume Amazon's orders are probably pretty early and have a good chance of getting pressed discs. However if wrong then in the above example i find it strange Amazon would still "make" items WB isn't doing for clear reasons.
  3. AndyMcKinney

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    Amazon does not sell any of the Archive titles on pressed media. I was told by an Archive employee (when asking about Shazam!) that all orders through Amazon are fulfilled by Amazon themselves, including the replication (they have their own replication facilities). Amazon even use different cases for the copies they sell (the multi-disc Shazam! set they sell comes in a black case rather than a clear one).

    Now, orders from other vendors who sell Archive titles (like Deep Discount) order their stock from WB, so you have a shot at getting pressed media there, but if you order from amazon, you're going to get "burned" every time!
  4. classicmovieguy

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    Warner Archive titles ordered from Amazon even have the Amazon name in small print ust above the barcode on the paper sleeves. Amazon replicate, print off the sleeves and package them all in-house. Nothing is ordered from Warner direct (except perhaps the new Blu-ray titles which are pressed and not burned).
  5. Traveling Matt

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    Pressed discs are replicated, burned discs are duplicated. :P

    It's a shame Amazon doesn't have replication facililties; between them and the Archive, I'd expect Amazon to be the one better equipped to handle the storage requirements for pressed stock. They could replicate those silly CD-Rs too.

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