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Press Release Warner Archive Collection Press Release: Friendly Persuasion (1956) (Blu-ray) (3 Viewers)

Daniel Melius

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Aug 23, 2019
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I might have see this movie about 500 times. I first saw it in the early 80s on the old format rca selectavion CED player then went to vhs and laserdisc and finally picked it up on release date in 2001 dvd.

I have many favorite scenes in it as i really enjoy the humor in it. I am not an expert in all william wyler films but i know the two films he did with Gary cooper were filled with humor in friendly persuasion and the westerner. I think all other wyler movies that i have seen 10 or so were very serious.

Some of my favorite parts for this movie were the horse buggy races, the visit to the widows house, the organ purchase and the scenes with the goose.


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Aug 10, 2010
Edmonton, Alberta
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That is wonderful news. It gives me 15 additional days to read battlebeasts posts here about the ten commandments since he has never heard of Friendly Persuasion. I'm excited!
Um… what? I HAVE heard of “Friendly Persuasion”, and in fact own the DVD. I don’t remember what I thought of this film 13-14 years ago when I watched it. I know of every single best picture nominee, thanks.

Henry Gondorff

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Jul 19, 2014
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I "like" all of the titles discussed for what they are and have no trouble watching them whenever the opportunity presents itself.
However, to equate awards and critical reviews with greatness over lasting value is somewhat shortsighted. The Wizard of Oz would be lost to the dust bin of time if it wasn't for the post release popularity of its message and heart.

Maintaining value for people over many generations of time is one of the strongest indicators we have for assessing greatness in art. As good as Friendly Persuasion is (day one purchase for me), it pales in comparison to to the effect Demille's 1956 magnum opus has had on generations of people the world over.

TTC will air once again during the entire prime time schedule this Saturday March 30 on ABC. It will likely win the nights ratings as it has in the past every year. For a film almost 70 years old, that is a stronger measure of lasting quality and relevance than any one individual's assessment.
It's on tonight. Charlton Heston said that Yul Brynner gave the best performance in the film. He also had the best dialogue:
"I will not make him a martyr for you to cherish. No phantom will come between you and me in the night. Yes, my sweet, I will let him live. Dead, you alone would possess him. From where I send him there is no returning, and you will never know if he has found forgetfulness within another woman's arms. Now look upon each other for the last time."


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