Warmup activity for drama/acting class!

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    Nick So
    Hey, i need some help. Im in an acting class at school, and tomorrow its me and my friends' turn to come up wth a warmup activity to teach to the class. My friend has one, but its just a stupid variation of DUCK DUCK GOOSE [​IMG]
    I checked online, but i could only find a few page, and alot of them are too complicated to be run in about 10-15 minutes.
    Do any of you have any games/activities that would be suitable for about 15 minutes of an acting class? It could be a physical game like some kind of tag, or a concentration game.
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    I used to attend a juggling class that the instructor was a part of one of those "comedy sports" troupes. She used to have us do some silly ice breaker stuff. Sort of like what goes on on "who's line is it anyway".

    One I vaguely remember is one person had to pretend to be driving a car and had to pick up hitchikers. Each hitchiker had a different personality and we would have to kind of improv conversations as each person got in the car.

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