WANTED: Your opinions on this Sono-Sub project.

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  1. Oliver Closoff

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    Jan 1, 2003
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    I'm thinking of building a Sono-Sub using two JBL E130-8 15" woofers. These are actually musical instrument speakers, but I have them laying around doing nothing. I am thinking of using this top and bottom plate design but in a smaller tube, 30" height.
    Please keep in mind that I already have a 15" powered sub (and Bass Shakers in my seats) for the low end boom. This would really just be a fun project for my spare time. I have a Peavy 130 WPC rack mount amp to drive it, so I really just need some misc hardware to do this.
    The specs say that they only hit 50Hz, but I'm using some inwalls for my mains that have 8" woofers so this might provide some good bump.
    What do you think? Waste of time, or good use of spare stuff?
    JBL E130-8 Specs
  2. Dave Poehlman

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    First, that plate design you pointed out is a single driver-ported-on-the-other-end design. Unless you plan on building 2 subs, fitting 2 15" drivers will be difficult. That is a cool design, though.
    Those drivers don't appear to really be cut out for subwoofer duty. (Fs of 40) You could do better with investing in a Dayton or Tempest.
    But, than again, your looking to use some spare parts. Personally, I'd go with one of 3 choices for those drivers:
    1) build a sub enclosure with a Tempest/Dayton in mind and use the JBLs in their place until you decide to invest in a Tempest/Dayton and just swap drivers.
    2) Sell the JBLs on Ebay and invest the cash in a Tempest/Dayton and then build a sub.
    3) build a sub with the JBL's in mind and if you don't like their sound, go sell it to some young punk out of the back of your white van. [​IMG]

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