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WANTED: Happenstance, etc. FT: Criminal Lovers, Peeping Tom CC, Warm Water, more (1 Viewer)

Elizabeth S

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May 9, 2001
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Elizabeth S
Hi! I have the following for trade (or sale as indicated):
American Beauty
Bedazzled ($12.00)
Blood: The Last Vampire (few light scratches which do not affect play) ($12.50)
Criminal Lovers (Les Amants Criminels – Director Francois Ozon)
Gangster No. 1 (Canadian Release. No U.S. DVD release yet, as film opens theatrically in U.S. in June, 2002.) ($17.00)
Hole, The SE (Canadian release. Bought new, but received minor scratches in transit which do not affect play. Jacket also came with a few minor white specks -- like color dropouts.)
No Man’s Land (Winner of 2001 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. Few small, very faint scratches which do not affect play.)
Novocaine ($13.00)
Link Removed
Psycho CE (Hitchcock) ($16.50)
Psychedelic Furs Live from House of Blues (DTS) ($12.00)
Skeletons in the Closet (Treat Williams, Linda Hamilton, Jonathan Jackson) ($12.50)
*Would consider 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 trades on following titles with asterisks * for many titles on my want list:
*Being John Malkovich ($8.50)
*Boondock Saints (1st release - Canadian) ($7.50)
*Deep Blue Sea (Mild case wear; disc mint) ($8.50)
*Emerald Forest, The (insert slightly bent, not folded) ($10.00)
*Flawless ($7.00)
*Link Removed (Joe Mantegna, Sam Rockwell, William H. Macy, Charles Durning, Ted Danson) ($10.00)
*The Lost Son (Daniel Auteuil, Nastassja Kinski, Bruce Greenwood)($8.50)
*MI:2 (minor scratches which do not affect play)
*Once in the Life(Directed by Laurence Fishburne, starring himself and Titus Welliver.) ($9.50)
*Player, The ($9.00)
*Room With a View, A
*Sommersby ($7.00)
*Woman Next Door, The (Directed by Francois Truffaut, starring Gerard Depardieu and Fanny Ardant.) ($8.50)
*The Big Heat ($6.50)
Running Out of Time 2 (Mei Ah. DD 5.1 and DTS) ($9.00) *sold*
*Shaolin Popey (Tai Seng) ($7.00)
Warm Water Under the Red Bridge (DeltaMac. Bought new but received a scratch in transit which does not affect play.) ($10.00)
More titles to be added soon!
All DVDs excellent to mint condition, or as noted. Titles with prices noted are also available for sale to the U.S. Includes first class shipping.
WANTS (of varying degrees):
American Yakuza
Beijing Bicycle (6/9)
Big Wednesday (6/9)
Blue Tiger
Brothers McMullen
Century Hotel (Canadian release)
Cry of the Owl
Dark Blue World (5/28)
Dry Cleaning
Fatal Attraction CE
For Sale
Hardball (lesser interest)
Indian Runner
L.I.E. (Unrated. 6/4)
L’Appartement (All Region)
La Separation
Last Castle, The
Last Days of Disco
Memento LE
Mothman Prophecies, the (6/4)
Nico and Dani
Nicholas Nickleby (Acorn Media)
Nora (5/21)
Oleanna (Seville)
Others, The
Piano Teacher, The (6/25)
Rites of Passage
Run the Wild Fields (5/28)
Sex and the City Season 3 (5/21)
Shackleton CE
Show Me Love
Sidewalks of New York SE (5/21)
Suzhou River
Va Savoir
Waking Life (5/7)
Warriors, The
Yellow Fountain (La Fuente Amarilla)
High and Low
In the Mood for Love
Third Man, The
ASIAN: (Looking for Region 1 or Region 0 versions)
Bullets of Love
Bullets Over Summer
Bungee Jumping of Their Own
From the Queen to the Chief Executive
Hero Never Dies, A
Humanist, The
La Belle
Lost Paradise (Japanese. Ocean Shores)
Lunch with Charles - REGION 0
Master Q 2001 (China Star)
Moment of Romance, A (Mega Star)
Peppermint Candy
Shiri (Columbia TriStar)
Various other HK, Asian titles (Region 1 or 0 only)
Several lower priority and/or budget title wants (would consider only for titles with *asterisks 1 to 1):
Waking the Dead SE
House of Games
Time Code SE
Jacob's Ladder
The Cotton Club
I’m primarily interested in titles from my want list, but open to offers, especially indie/arthouse/foreign titles.
Because my wants are a bit obscure, I may put more selling prices at a later time to help me purchase my wants.
I'm on the GTL here, and a Gold Trader at DVD Talk. Thanks for looking! :)

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