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WANTED: advice for a cheap troglodyte (1 Viewer)


Second Unit
Nov 30, 2004

Thanks! I came across Costco while doing a Google search, will have to go to my local one to see if they carry this particular model, if they do I'll probably jump on it.

I did find one eBay seller who's got it for about $930 shipped, but I'd feel better buying from a local shop for return reasons.

How'd you like the Toshiba MT200? I've always had a very good experience with Toshiba products, but I understand that InFocus was THE projector maker before projectors became big in home entertainment applications.

Dave Farley

Second Unit
May 15, 2004

Eddie, after watching a few DVDs on a projector with a large screen, you may find yourself watching more than 10-12 hours per week.;) Keep that in mind. I wouldn't scratch the projector from the list on the basis of your current viewing habits.

The fact that you primarily view DVDs makes a projector a great fit. Better than the others, in my opinion. It definitely meets #3 of your criteria. If your apartment has a decent-sized empty wall, you can even project the image onto that until your budget allows a screen. If your current budget can handle the 4805, I'd go that route.


Stunt Coordinator
Jun 8, 2004
I'm reluctant to comment on projectors in showrooms for all the obvious reasons. They may not have been properly calibrated. OTB settings can be way off and the viewing environment may be less than ideal.

That said, the toshiba mt200 picture didn't wow me. Detailed enough, its uisng the darkchip2 chipset. But the overall viewing was on the flat side and lacked dimensionality.

The price here in canada was also $500 more, so i was even less impressed. I have a 4805 and I'm impressed with its ability to work my with rather old dvd portable player, standard cables and grey-beige walls to deliver a better picture than I had hoped for. The image is very stable and smooth thanks to the faroudja chip. The colors seem dead on. Contrast needed a slight boost and brightness needed a step up, but PQ is excellent for dvd viewing regardless of price. My cousin and her husband just bought a benq7800 which is a more expensive projector, he has a screen, and a top of the line dvd player, but I definitely prefer the pq i'm getting with my setup.

I think my 4805 is on the noisy side, but I'm very picky with noise issues. It starts off quiet, but gets louder after about 20 minutes.

I would be suspicious of any ebay sellers selling it for that price. Infocus had a large shipment stolen.

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