Wanted - 2 DVDs - Omega Man & Valley Girl

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    Hi, I hope you are able to find something from my list below for these two titles.

    Trade List

    Box Sets

    Marilyn Monroe: The Diamond Collection Box Set
    Sopranos Season 1
    Spider-Man LE Collector's Gift Set (sealed)

    Others for Trade

    A Perfect Murder (M.Douglass/G.Paltrow)
    Al Pacino Collection (empty box only)
    American Outlaws (C.Farrell/S.Caan)
    An American Werewolf In London CE DTS (no insert)
    Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Disney)

    Baby Geniuses (K.Turner/C.Lloyd)
    Bad Boys "Unrated" (S.Penn/R.Santoni)
    Basic Instinct SE (M.Douglas/S.Stone) (w/icepick)
    Beatles: A Hard Days Night (2 disc)
    Black Dog (P.Swayze)
    Black Moon Rising (T.Lee Jones) (Anchor Bay)
    Black Sabbath: The Last Supper
    Blazing Saddles (M.Brooks)
    Bodyguard (K.Cosner/W.Houston) (no insert)

    Caged Heat (Roger Corman Classics)
    Captain Ron (K.Russell/M.Short)
    Carlito's Way (A.Pacino)
    Casino (R.DeNiro/J.Pesci/S.Stone)
    Casualties Of War (S.Pean/M.J.Fox)
    Charro (Elvis Presley)
    Cinderella 2 (Disney)Con Air (N.Cage/J.Cusack/J.Malkovich)
    Cliffhanger (S.Stallone)
    Conspiracy Theory (M.Gibson/J.Roberts)
    Couch Trip (D.Aykroyd/C.Grodin)
    Courage Under Fire (D.Washington/M.Ryan)
    Crimson Tide (D.Washington/G.Hackman)

    Daylight CE (S.Stallone)
    Dead Bang (D.Johnson)
    Dead Zone, The (C.Walken)
    Death On The Nile (Agatha Christie’s) (B.Davis/M.Farrow)
    Desperado SuperBit (sealed) DTS
    Devil's Nightmare/Messiah Of Evil
    Dirty Dozen,The (C.Bronson/T.Savalas)
    Dogma SE (2 disc) (sealed)
    Dune (W.Hurt) (2 disc)

    Eiger Sanctin (C.Eastwood)
    Escape From Alcatraz (C.Eastwood)

    Fatal Attraction CE (M.Douglass/G.Close)
    Firestarter OOP (D.Barrymore)
    Firestorm (H.Long/S.Glen/W.Forsythe)
    Flintstones CE
    FM (M.Mull/E.Brennan)
    Focus (W.H.Macy/L.Dern)
    Foreigner, The (S.Segal)

    Gangs Of New York (L.Dicaprio) (2 disc)
    Getaway, The (A.Baldwin/K.Basinger)
    Ghost And The Darkness (M.Douglass/V.Kilmer)
    Glass House, The (D.Lane/L.Sobieski)
    Glengary Glenross SE (2 disc) DTS
    Gone In Sixty Seconds (1974) []DTS[/b]
    Green Card (A.MacDowell/G.Depardieu)
    Great Waldo Pepper (R.Redford)
    Guardian, The (Anchor Bay)

    Hair (J.Savage/T.Williams/B.D'Angelo) (Musical)
    Halloween H2O (a few scratches)
    Hanky Panky (G.Wilder/G.Radner)
    Hard Target (Van Damme)
    Harry Potter: The Philosopher’s Stone
    Harry Potter: Sorcerer’s Stone (sealed)
    Hart's War (B.Willis/C.Farrell)
    He Said....She Said (K.Bacon/E.Perkins)
    Heist (G.Hackman/D.Devito)
    Highlander: 10th Anniversary DC
    Hollywood Studios Vol 2 (Trailer Sampler)
    Home For The Holidays (H.Hunter/R.Downey Jr.)

    Independence Day 5* (W.Smith/T.L.Jones) OOP
    Inspector Gadget 2 (Disney)

    Jack Nicholson Selection (empty box only)
    Jackal CE (B.Willis)
    John Mneumonic (K.Reeves)

    K-9 P.I. (J.Belushi/Jerry Lee "DOG") DTS
    K-Pax CE (K.Spacey/J.Bridges) DTS
    Killer Elite (J.Caan/R.Duvall)
    Killing Jar (T.Tomita/B.Cullen)

    Last Action Hero (Arnold)
    Legend UE (T.Cruise) (2 disc)
    Lilo & Stitch (Disney)
    Little Vampire (J.Lipnicki)
    Little Rascals,The (vol. 1 & 2)
    Lord Of The Rings,The: Fellowship Of The Rings
    Losin' It (T.Cruise/S.Long)

    Mad Max (M.Gibson)
    Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (M.Gibson)
    Maid To Order (A.Sheedy) (sealed)
    Majestic, The (J.Carey) (sealed)
    Man Who Loved Women, The (B.Reynolds/J.Andrews)
    Manhunter LE (2 disc)
    Meatballs (B.Murray)
    Mercury Rising CE (A.Baldwin)
    Mexican,The (J.Roberts/B.Pitt) DTS
    Micky's House Of Mouse Villians (sealed) (Disney)
    Midnight Run OOP (R.DeNiro/C.Grodin)
    Ministry: Tapes Of Wrath
    Minority Report (T.Cruise) (2 disc) DTS
    Mississippi Burning (G.Hackman/W.Davoe)
    Money Train (W.Snipes/W.Harrelson) (scratched-plays fine)
    Monster's Ball (B.B.Thornton/H.Berry)
    Moonlighting (B.Willis/C.Shephard) (Pilot)
    Moscow On The Hudson (R.Williams/J.Reed)
    Mulholland Dr. (David Lynch) DTS

    Narc (J.Patric/R.Liotia)
    National Lampoon's: Class Reunion (Anchor Bay)
    New Jack City (W.Snipes/Ice T/J.Nelson)
    New York Ripper, The (Lucio Fulci) (Anchor Bay)
    No Escape (R.Liotta)
    No Man’s Land (Serbo-Croatian:5.1 Surround)

    Ocean's 11 (Sinatra/Martin/Davis/Lawford)
    Odd Couple,The (J.Lemmon/W.Matthau)
    Order,The (Van Damme)
    Orphic Trilogy (empty box only)
    Overboard (G.Hawn/K.Russell) (sealed)
    Owl And The Pussycat (WS) (HAS SOME SCRATCHES, PLAYS FINE)

    P.O.D.: Still Payin' Dues
    Paulie (G.Rowlands)
    Peacemaker, The (G.Clooney/N.Kidman)
    Pearl Jam: Single Video Theory
    Pearl Harbor (B.Affleck/C.Gooding) (2 disc)
    Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (P-W.Herman)
    Peter Pan: Return To Neverland (sealed) (Disney)
    Planet Of The Apes (C.Heston)
    Prince Of Egypt CE
    Problem Child (J.Ritter)
    Pulp Fiction CE (2 disc)

    Quick And The Dead, The (sealed)

    Rancho Deluxe (J.Bridges/S.Waterston)
    Rat Race SE (W.Goldberg/C.Gooding/J.Cleese)
    Reign Of Fire (M.McConaughey) DTS
    Replacement Killers, The (C.Yun-Fat/M.Sorvino)
    Resevoir Dogs: Mr. Brown (2 disc)
    Resevoir Dogs: Mr. White (2 disc) (sealed)
    Return Of The Pink Panther,The (sealed)
    Road To Perdition (T.Hanks)
    Roxanne (S.Martin/D.Hannah)
    Rudy SE (S.Astin/N.Beatty)

    Sara Plain And Tall Trilogy
    Scarface CE (A.Pacino) OPP
    Scream (no artwork)
    Secret Of My Success, The (M.J.Fox)
    Serpico (A.Pacino)
    Se7en (B.Pitt/M.Freeman)
    Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (J.Powell/H.Keel)
    Shampoo (W.Beatty/G.Hawn/J.Christie))
    Shining,The (2 Disc) SE (Stephen King)
    Shirley Temple Story,The (sealed) (Disney)
    Sixth Sense VS (B.Willis) (2 disc) DTS
    Slap Shot (P.Newman)
    Slap Shot 2 (S.Baldwin/G.Busey)
    Sling Blade (B.B.Thornton/J.Ritter)
    Starman (J.Bridges/K.Allen)
    Star Trek VI (WS)
    Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace (L.Neeson)
    Star Wars II: Attack Of The Clones (S.L.Jackson)
    Stargate SE (K.Russel)
    Stargate SG1 Vol. 2
    Sting, The (R.Redford/P.Newman)
    Supergirl LE (F.Dunaway/P.O’Toole) # 08981/50,000
    Sweet Dreams (J.Lange/E.Harris)

    Tarzon & Jane (sealed) (Disney)
    Ten Commandments,The (C.Heston/Y.Brynner)
    Texas Rangers (D.McDermott/J.Van Der Beek)
    Time Bandits (Anchor Bay)
    Time Cop (Van Damme)
    Tolkien: Master Of The Rings SE
    Twilight Of The Dark Master CE (Anime)
    Twilight Zone vol. 1,2,4,7,10,11

    Undisputed (W.Snipes/V.Rhames)

    Valentine (D.Richards)
    Vampires (M.Morris/Anulka)
    Van Wilder (2 disc)
    Von Ryan’s Express (F.Sinatra/T.Howard)

    Whispers, An Elephants Tale (no insert) (Disney)
    Winnie The Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year (Disney)
    White Men Can't Jump (W.Snipes/W.Harrelson) (sealed)
    Word According To Garp (R.Williams/G.Close)

    X-Files FTF OOP
    XXX (V.Diesel)

    If you can't find anything above check my dvd profiler

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