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    Jan 11, 2002
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    I just recently purchased a Toshiba 50H81 HDTV. I have not even received it yet (delivery scheduled for next week) But I have started to look into upgrading my DVD Player.

    My current DVD is the Sony DVP-S3000, I purchased it way back in 1997 and has served me well and still works great. I do however want to take advantage of the Progressive capability of my new TV. I think I have been reading too much info because all the specifications are running together in my head. I think I have it narrowed down to either the Sony DVP-NS700P or a Toshiba unit (4700 or 5700)

    I want to keep the price around $300 MAX. I even thought of the Toshiba 3755, since it has the 5 disc Changer. One thing that would be nice but not needed is MP3 capability which I know the Sony does not have.

    My current video set-up is an Old Sharp TV (Composite Video ONLY) and for Audio I am using a Sony STR-DE915 (1997) which may get upgraded within a year or so.

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions for a new DVD Player.

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    I've just upgraded to an HD tv (Tosh) also and chose the 4700 Tosh DVD player. Yes, like you I had read all the hype and specs but after having 2 other Toshiba players and never having any problems, the Tosh got the nod for my progressive needs. I have not seen that so called chroma bug before OR after calibration with VE.

    I've had opportunity to watch several dvds and I will say HD is definitely an improvement even with most of the cable stations! That was a surprise. Anyway, the 4700 has great menus and very user friendly but what I like most is that it auto selects (for lack of a better explanation) aspect ratios on the tv according to the dvd being played. I had been kinda hung up with the 3:2 pulldown and such but I simply don't have to mess with anything.... except walking over and inserting a dvd.....

    I am still using the same audio in my ht, but I have definitely noticed better imaging or more dramatic sound than before. I've always used coax output to the receiver so it must just be better audio from the player itself.

    Sorry if this just sounds like a "layman's" view but that is what it is. I've been into HT for about 10 years and just kinda prefer to go with what works. I like checking out specs and such and reading some recommendations but, in the end, usually go with a brand that I have had before.

    BTW, I have a 4:3 HD tv since 95% of my tv watching is cable which is 4:3 material. The dvd always tells the tv what to select, whether it's 235:1, 185:1 or any other. Great zoom too and CDs sound much better on the 4700 than they did on my previous Tosh players. I paid 236.00 for mine at Best Buy. I'm sure there are online sources for a little less though.

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