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Nov 18, 2002
I decided to sell my custom built home computer, because I just purchased a new laptop.
But my Pc is about 5 months old and it’s a very nice one. Has all the neon lights inside and in front of it (power button).
It even tells the temperature on the CPU on the front of the bezel.
I will try to describe the best of my knowledge about my PC on which I built.

I basically use this machine for dvd back-ups, internet browsing and PC games.

I can leave the OS on the machine which is Windows XP Pro, but no OS software will be included (sorry). So everything will be in prompt working condition as for drivers and ready to be powered on and use.

Here is the specs:

Mid Tower – Silver with neon blue lights, 2 on the front of the bezel USB ports.

Motherboard- Albratron Kx440 – 8x / FSB-333

Cpu – AMD Athlon XP2200 w/ fan above it

Hard Drive – Western Digital 7200 Rpm , 80 gig’s

Video Card – Mad Dog , Mx440 8x GeForce 4, 64Mb DDR/ AGP 8x/4x
Has VGA, S-Video and Dvi connections.

Memory – DDR 256Mb / 36x64 - Pc2100 SDRam / Unbuffered 266 mhz

DvD Burner – (Black) TDK IndiDvD +/- R/RW / Cd Burner/ DvD Player
Model# 440N

Modem – 3Com / 56k / and cable / DSL ready.

Additional info: Motherboard has a built in sound card. It is a 6-channel Audio and has 2 usb ports in the rear.

I will also include all the boxes, package materials, manuals, software for all the parts and software, so if you are ever to want to do your own tweeking or redo driver installs they will be there for you.

I would like to get $350.00 for it all shipped w/ UPS, insurance and tracking info will be provided. I will also throw in a black wireless keyboard and Mouse.
(if you think about it, the parts on the machine is more then what I am asking for it. So either way you are getting a great deal!!

Below I have some pictures that I hope will help at least get an idea of what you would be buying. If any questions, please feel free to E-mail or PM me.

I do accept Paypal. Thanks!!



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Nov 18, 2002
Oh come'on. The Hard Drive, CPU and Motherboard, right there is like $300.00.

ok fine.

New Price drop!! How about $300.00 , SHIPPED ALSO!!!!!!!!!!



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Jan 18, 2003
Well just a suggestion, but you might as well keep it, or upgrade it and then sell it again.

May I suggest moving to a faster processor, slightly larger ram, and a better videocard.

But the point maybe, not wanting to sell it then.

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