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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by ZachT, Feb 14, 2004.

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    Jan 29, 2004
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    Are all subs for HT 4 ohm. I have a kenwood tornado for my car that is not being used can i buy a box and an amp from partsexpress. Or do i need an 8 ohm sub. I want a cheap sub because the 6 1/2 inch 40 watt htib sub is not cutting it with my new yammie v1400.
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    I infer from your post that the Kenwood amp you want to use is not rated below 8 Ohms. Is that the problem?

    One way to deal with this is to get a "dual voice coil" driver. This allows you to vary the impedence by hooking up only one set of driver inputs or hooking them up in series rather than parallel. I'm pretty sure that Adire has a paper explaining this in far more detail on their site, http://www.adireaudio.com , and there may be similar info at Parts Express.

    This would also allow you, longer term, to get a better amp so you could then rewire the driver inputs in parallel (resulting in lower impedence).

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    Most amps from PE are rated at both 4 and 8 ohms so that would not be a problem. Second, PE sells quality boxes from the basic kits to the already finished ones.

    You don't list a specific model of your sub so I checked the Kenwood web site. All of the subs I looked at are designed for the car only. With an FS greater than 30hz and a small VAS it will sound really good in a small box in the car. Cabin gain will naturally boost the low frequencies. Put the same box in your house and the bass will disappear.

    What's your budget? Are there any size restrictions? Are you good with woodworking? (I'm guessing not since you mentioned buying a box.) Answer these and we can recommend a driver, box and amp that will meet your needs.


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