Want to build a sub? Now what?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Grady Hollums, Oct 25, 2003.

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    Reading your post Pat I am honestly scared if it is OK to ask this question. Please feel free to close this thread and send me in the right direction. Thanks! (Sometimes newbies are a little intimidated) Thanks!

    I currently have the middle SVS Sub and was wanting to give it some company some time. I am now into woodworking and was wondering how much cost and intellect it requires for this DIY subs. I love all the subs yall build around here and for years now I have seen them all and I am now thinking about actually taking this brain of mine and making my own. So what should I do? where to start? I am great with going lower than my SVS currently (20-39), but more humph would be fine and it not going lower is OK too. I really have no idea how low I could go and how much this all is going to cost me? I just wanted to look into this a little deeper and then maybe sometime this summer after saving up some money doing it. (Should I use the same drivers, etc... from SVS?)
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    For about 300-350 US you could get a Adire Tempest, PE 250W amp and a 4" flared port. Then just make a box and tune the port to 17 Hz or something using Winisd or lspcad. Tempests can go very low from what I have read.
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    I don't think SVS sells drivers to DIYers. They only sell them as replacements to existing owners. And there are more cost effective drivers out there.

    Consider these:
    Adire Shiva, Tempest, Maelstrom, Brahma, Tumult
    Stryke SAE1204, AV12, AV15
    Dayton DVC 12, DVC 15, Titanic Mk2

    For amplifiers the usual choices are plate amps or pro amps. The most cost effective plate amps are the 250 watt amps from Parts Express (for the Shiva, Tempest, DVC12 and DVC15) and the 350 watt amps from Rythmic Audio (for the Maelstrom, AV12, AV15 and Titanit Mk2).

    Well, that's the way I'd pair up the plate amps, anyway. The AV12, AV15 and Maelstrom would probably be better with a little more power - say 500 watts. The Brahma and Tumult probably shouldn't be used with anything less than 750 watts.

    In most cases, the biggest costs are the woofer, amplifier and the wood finishing (veneer?). Ports are generally cheap. But passive radiators can get expensive if you decide to go that route.

    Step one is to decide how much money you can spend and how big a sub you can live with.

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