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Want: Shield and Six Ft Under, have: PayPal and DVDs FT (1 Viewer)

Brian Ralph

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 29, 2000
I really want The ShieldGOT IT and Six Feet Under complete first seasons. I have some PayPal money, and I also have a number of DVDs for trade. This way, if you only want one of my titles, I can make up the difference with PayPal money.

Robocop and Silence of the Lambs are only available for the box sets, not my general wants below. All disks are in mint, widescreen condition unless otherwise indicated.

For Trade:

Robocop: CC
Silence of The Lambs: CC GONE
Mummy: Ultimate Edition
Mummy Return
K-19: Widowmaker GONE
Dead Again
Reign Of Fire
Mad Max: SE
Enemy at the Gates (BBV)
Best In Show
Cop Land
Unforgiven (non-SE)
Young Guns (non-SE)

Other Wants:

Trading Places
One Hour Photo (ws)
Way Of The Gun
Air Force One: Superbit
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest: SE
NYPD Blue: Season One
Shanghai Noon
The Fog
Naked Gun Collection
Red Dragon (Director's Edition)
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