Wanda at Large 4/30/03

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Paul_Medenwaldt, May 1, 2003.

  1. Paul_Medenwaldt

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    Feb 6, 2001
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    Last nite I happen to run across this show and thought I would give it a chance.

    Well I could only give it a 10 minute chance, not because the show wasn't any good, it was the laugh track that annoyed me the most.

    I thought the show itself was funny and entertaining.

    I assume the premise of the show is built around a political news program?

    I'll try and check out the show next week, but i'll be damned if i'll sit through a canned laugh track. [​IMG]

    I'd like to find others opinions on this show and how you feel about it.

  2. MickeS

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    Jul 24, 2000
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    I've watched all the episodes, and I like it a lot. I only watched it because I liked Wanda Sykes on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and her stand-up special (I think it was on HBO, could have been Comedy Central). It's mostly her delivery and her general demeanor that make her comedy work for me.

    Yeah, the laugh track is a little too prominent (just like on other Fox shows it seems), but it doesn't bother me too much.

    The show itself is good, but it's Wanda that makes it worth it to me. The conservative guy on the panel ("Jackie Chiles" from "Seinfeld") is also very good. The rest of the cast are just there to support those two main characters it seems, and they do a good job of that.

    Last night was apparently the season finale (I haven't watched it yet)? I hope it gets picked up for a full season later on.
  3. Malcolm R

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    Feb 8, 2002
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    I love this show and think Wanda Sykes in general is very funny! I saw her stand-up special on Comedy Central a while back and wished I'd recorded it.

    I think my fave moment last night was when she went around the table calling them all "loser" then doubled back and called the one guy "loser" again just for good measure. [​IMG]
  4. Don Black

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    Dec 11, 1998
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    I've liked Wanda since her guest spot on The Drew Carey Show. It's a much better show than Bernie Mac imho.

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