Wall-mount RCA Patch Panels

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by EricP, May 31, 2003.

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    May 31, 2003
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    We're moving our theater and in the new room I'm wanting to have the TV on one side of the room and our components back in the corner near where the seating is. The idea is to reduce distractions from the viewing area and also to reduce the cables from Xbox & PS2 running across the floor.

    I've been unable to locate a patch panel that I can install on either side and solder the cables to the back. I think I can live with all RCA as the audio side (optical) will be mostly located near the receiver.

    Minimally I think we'll need 4 from the receiver corner (3 for component video, one for standard video) and 3 from the TV, for video & LR audio. I guess we could go for another set of three for the aux TV inputs...

    Anyway, I guess that makes a total of 7 or 10 on each side of the room.

    I've looked all around for something like this but I've not been able to find anything. Can anyone suggest something?

    Thanks for your help on my first posting!

  2. Bob Hill

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    It is very easy to make your own patch panels. Rat Shack sells Female RCA surface mount connectors which you could mount on a blank wall plate. I did this for a number of connections going from my theater to my dedicated media closet and they worked out very well, were cheap, and easy.
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    Leviton makes a series of audio/video/data plug products called QuickPort that allow you to design your own patch panel. They support up to six connections per plate. I used it to run speaker cables under the floor in my living room so there would be no visible wires to the surround speakers. The connectors I used have standard six-way binding posts. Just about anything you'd want connection-wise is available.

    Home Depot stocks them and I'd imagine Loews does as well.


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