Vudo (and Ultraviolet) Comes to Roku!

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  1. ", the Walmart-owned movie/TV program streaming service, Sept. 20 said it has launched a proprietary streaming channel on the Roku platform.
    With more than 100,000 new releases, classics, independent films and TV shows, Vudu is available on all Roku 2, Roku HD (model 2500) and Roku LT streaming players in the U.S. and coming to the Roku Streaming Stick in October.
    Movies on Vudu, which stream in 1080p resolution with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, are available the same day they are released to DVD or Blu-ray Disc and can be purchased or rented without a subscription.
    Vudu is the platform for Walmart’s in-store Disc-to-Digital program as well as UltraViolet link for select studios, including 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Lionsgate. Vudu in July was ranked the top streaming service by Consumer Reports.
    “We’re committed to offering customers access to their favorite movies and TV shows at the highest possible streaming quality wherever they choose to watch them,” said Prasanna Ganesan, general manager and CEO of Vudu. “Our launch on Roku today allows us to offer our entire catalog on the most popular streaming player on the market.”
    The Roku streaming platform features more than 600 channels of entertainment – most requiring third-party subscriptions. Roku players, which helped Netflix launch the subscription video-on-demand market in 2008, start at $49.99 and are sold by retailers nationwide.
    Separately, Roku announced updates to the Roku mobile app that include Play on Roku, a feature that allows customers to stream photos and music from a mobile device wirelessly to a Roku streaming player. The Roku mobile app – which essentially turns a smartphone or tablet into a Roku remote control – is now also available in all countries where Roku players are sold, including the U.K., Canada and Ireland."
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    It's about time. I even hooked my old Roku back up to my TV in my room to try it, only to find out it doesn't work with my first-gen Roku XD.
  3. Having never tried Vudu before - I really like their HDX format. The picture and sound are absolutely fantastic. If digital is what I want, I feel much better about buying something that is Ultraviolet over iTunes, because 1) can use on multiple devices and 2) the chances of a studio pulling a movie from iTunes has got to be a lot greater than ever pulling it from UV, because it's their own deal. I got $5.99 in credit for signing up and purchased the HDX version of Rear Window for $8 which looked fantastic and loaded a heck of a lot faster than iTunes
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    Great news and gets Ultraviolet on more devices!

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