vsx-D811s and 4 ohm speakers (polk RTi28)?

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  1. Brian Nelson

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    Sep 7, 2002
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    Okay, I think I might have done something foolish. After weeks of research and price searching, I settled on the following setup:

    2 Polk RTi28 bookshelf speakers for front L/R
    Polk CS245i as the center channel
    and 2 Polk R10 bookshelfs as rear L/R

    and the Pioneer VSX-D811s.

    Now I already have all the speakers and am now waiting for the receiver to arrive in the mail.

    So after getting the Polk RTi28 speakers I found out that they are have a nominal impedance of 4 ohms and I also found out that the Pioneer VSX-D811s has a problem with speakers less than 8 ohms.

    My question is: does anyone have this setup? or will this setup work ok? or am I kind of screwed and going to need a different receiver? and if I need a different receiver, can someone recommend a receiver that has comparable features in the same price range as the VSX-D811s ($300ish)

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Jeff H

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    I have driven numerous Polk with everything from low end Pioneer and Sony to Carver and Adcom amps. They will be fine with your receiver. Don't worry about it. If your receiver has preouts, you might want to get an external amp some day. It would probably help you get the most out of your speakers. If you need more assurance, go to Polk.com and sign up to their forum. It has very knowledgeable and friendly members. You will need your serial number of one of your Polks to sign up. Good Luck!

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