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Vote.....My Bloody Valentine Uncut! (1 Viewer)

Raymond Johnson

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 22, 2002
Who would be interested in a uncut version of this film being released? If so...please cast your vote/opinion...if not,don't bother as i want to see how many repiles in favor of it,this thread recieves & plan on showing it to Paramount in another forum to show interest in this title.
Theres talks of this being the next big campaign for uncut release(& this poll is a start),once the Friday the 13th part VII campaign is done(which won't be for awhile)....this film was just as heavily butchured as The New Blood & truly deserves a uncut release as this is one of the best slasher films to come out of the 80's,with the only thing bringing it down is it's horrendous censorship.....everything got hacked out,that the movie does'nt deliver the shocks it originally had. Which is a shame as this film is really well made & very creepy.
You have my vote fora uncut release!
Heres a list of whats missing,taken from imdb.com & is acurrat....though i did some researching & corrected one bit of information in ( ).
The only version now in existence seems to be the USA "R" rated version, which, like Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981), suffered heavy cutting. The uncut version apparently played UK cinemas on its original run on a double bill with Tobe Hooper's Funhouse (1981). (note....according to Hysteria a UK site...the only difference between it's theatrical & video versions compared to the US R version was the killers arm getting ripped off was intact!)
The following scenes were trimmed or re-edited to avoid an "X" rating from the MPAA:
Gore was cut from the pre-credits sequence where the woman is pushed backwards onto a pickaxe.
Mabel's mutilated body was originally on screen for much longer.
The scene where the bartender is playing peek-a-boo with the Harry Warden dummy was edited so that no blood is shown. He was pickaxed up his chin and out his left eye, then dragged along the ground with his eyeball hanging out.
The face-boiling of Dave was shortened so you don't see the after-effects while he is dying.
Graphic head-on shots of Sylvia's shower impalement were deleted.
A stock footage close-up of the miner's light being shown at the camera replaces the bulk of a shot of Hollis' bleeding face after he has been nail-gunned. In the widely-seen release, the scene picks up after Hollis has mostly turned away.
Howard's hanging is shortened. In the original print, he was decapitated. The decapitation was cut out, so it looks like his body just falls, stops short when the end of the wire is reached, sprays blood all over Patty and Sarah, and then resumes falling. Not only do the cuts imposed render the scene senseless, but they also make it so there's no payoff to Hollis' earlier comment that Howard would lose his head if it weren't attached.
Axel's left arm gets trapped under rocks in the cave-in at the end. He rips it off to get away, leaving his limb behind to horrify everybody else. But since the key footage of the arm removal all had to be removed itself, it is hard to see exactly what happened.

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