Vonage in Trouble?

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    I couldn't post a note in the forum I original found this thread in, but I'll post one here [​IMG].

    There's an article over at avsforum.com saying how Vonage might be in trouble with a lawsuit or three breathing down it's necks...

    First off, I just signed up for Vonage a month ago. Mostly so I can record Celebrity interviews over the phone, but also because I don't have a regular phone line coming into my room.

    Service is great, Service representatives are HORRIBLE! EX. I sent an email off to Vonage wondering if I would save money if they kept my soft phone line, and cancelled the 'land line' one that I would never use.. They said nope, so OK, I'm fine with that.

    A week later, I get a call that sounds like a woman from India, claiming I had called Vonage asking a question. At this point, I was having Laptop Hard drive problems that where starting to get me really worried. Normally I am very nice to these people.....but this lady just drove me nuts...

    'Uh, no, I didn't call Vonage'...
    'OK, that's great. Did you know we are having a two for one line sale this month?'
    'uh, yeah...but I already have one'
    'I know, isn't it great? To get that extra line, please...'

    After that, I just hung up on her and went back to my more pressing problem. A day later, they called again claiming I had called them and they where checking up on it. This time I just hung up since they where put on hold. I hope never to have to deal with a CSR again..

    If Vonage goes down the toilet, who else could I try? When I went to skype, I got a terrible echo sound when recording interviews making them tough to do and awkward for the people involved. Plus the minutes expired after a month if you didn't use them. Is there another choice?

    Oh, and PLEASE bring Customer serrvice back to the US. Why would I wa nt to speak to someone in Namibia?
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    I watch Jim Cramer's Mad Money (more for entertainment than stock picks) and a day doesn't go by without at least 1 mention of 'vonage the dog'. He actually had a dog on the show with a sign around it's neck that said "vonage'. The dog was adorable, no wonder W.C.Fields said you should never work with kids or animals.
    Anyway, Cramer mentioned a bunch of reasons why Vonage is a dog, two of them had to do with litigation. 1 investigation into the way they offered stock (at a discount, I believe) to customers before the IPO. The other had something to do with them being sued over a technology issue (by Verizion, I believe). Not a pretty story.
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    If Vonage fails as a company, I would expect them to be bought out by one of their competitors (or someone else trying to break into the VOIP business). I wouldn't expect to be left in the cold, but to become someone else's customer (for better or worse).

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