Von Schweikert Vr 4 audition and question for those knowledgable

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    Hello all,

    Well I was just at a dealer in Canada whom sells the Von Schweikert line. I was rather impressed with the VR-4s (I'm not sure exactly which version they were just refered to as VR 4s for all I know they could have been the 4.5 (but I doubt it) since I'm not sure the two would look any different from the outside) When I informed them that I was looking for some speakers that could handle some rock they were suggested to me. They can rock quite well. They do depth imaging quite well, although for some of my albums I felt like the singer was paced too far back in the sound stage, I would have prefered a little bit more of an immediate "touch me" feel to the vocalist. The rear firing tweeters were switched off so maybe they would have helped some. Aside from that minor complaint and perhaps a sweeter sounding female vocals on say a B&W, they were excellent. Oh yeah, and they can really rock. In any case I'm not sure my musical fidelity A3CR pre and pro has the chops for them but I was invited to come in and try it out. Very sporting of them.

    When I mentioned prefering a slightly sweeter lower and middle upper frequency range specifically they did an interconnect swap for me. I did notice that when they switched the cabling between the MIT and a JPS offering (the interconnect pre to source) that the bass got a little boomier (could be fixed by floor spikes I was assured) and the female vocals became a little more full, but not really sweeter just having more ... fullness (bass to them) ?!? Anyway a nifty demonstration of cable flavouring.

    Now for my point, I was told the speakers were $4800 (was quite elated) then told that that was US and Canadian price was about 8000 after tax. So I look up the MSRP on audio review and low and behold 3950. Great, I'm not sure when that price was effective but I note people having reviewed listing prices of 3600 etc. So I go to find another dealer, and as it turns out they are the only distributor listed for Canada. Which I suppose somewhat lessons my bargaining position. My question being if I am to negotiate for these, does anyone know the selling prices after a little haggeling for these speakers in the US? I was told 4800, I have a suspicion that they are taking advantage of being the sole distributor in Canada.

    Can anyone help?

    Associated Equipment....

    I heard them on two classe monoblock MIT cabeling a clasee pre and CD. I was told retail cost of supporting electronics was a little over 30k Can. If they'd been in my price range I would have perhaps recognized the models, since they were far out it didn't really matter much and I mentally logged it as (beyond my means dream system).
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    I would say $4800 seems to be right if they are the Gen 3 or Gen 3 special edition. Gen 3 SE is only current production model according to Von Schweikert website.
    This review on normal Gen 3 from last year states price increase from 3995 to 4750 effective 11/1/01 so a year later and another upgrade 4800 seems to be right for MSRP.
    Stereotimes review
    Go into their archives to find it.
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    Actually, the $4800 (US) they quoted is right around the MSRP for the VR 4 Gen. II. VSA has recently come out with the VR 4 Gen. III Special Eddition which will have a retail price of $5950 (US). The Gen. III SE's are supposed to sound quite a bit better, enough so that there won't be a standard Gen. III, only the special edition.
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    Shion ca, where in Canada is there a dealer?

    I ordered mine straight from the manufacturer (granted, that was about 3 years ago I think).


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