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Volume Issues With Samsung UNF559000 4K UHD TV (1 Viewer)

Dave Moritz

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Jul 7, 2001
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Dave Moritz
I have not had any issues with this tv that I purchased back on 2/2014 so the tv is over 4 years old. Went to turn it on today and noticed the volume on the tv was still on while I had my surround sound receiver on. So I tried to lower the volume and as the number went down on the tv the physical volume stayed constant. I hit the - volume again and still at the previous volume of 21 as before. I tried to turn down the tv over and over and as before the number goes to 0 while the volume remains the same. As soon as I try to turn it down again it is still at 21. The tv also will not mute! I have unplugged the tv while it is powered up and while it is powered down and it did not help. I have tired unplugging the evolution kit and that did not help. I unplugged the HDMI cables going to the evolution kit and that did not help. I even did a factory reset and that did not help. What am I missing because I hate to think I have to take my tv in for repair over something like this. There must be something I am missing. Am leaving the tv unplugged for a few hours or maybe till I get home after work tomorrow. Does anyone have any suggestions that may have had this issue. If you had to have it serviced how much did it cost you?

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