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VIZIO's New 36" Sound Bar with Dual Subs

Discussion in 'Home Automation, Accessories, Cables, and Remotes' started by Martin Dew, May 12, 2018.

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    VIZIO's New 36" Sound Bar with Dual Subs

    VIZIO has just announced the availability of an 'all-in-one' sound bar which will deliver 'incredible' performance in a space-saving package. The 36" 2.1 Sound Bar with built-in dual subwoofers is the latest addition to VIZIO's sound bar lineup and will deliver full-bodied bass - 'often reserved for systems with a separate subwoofer' - all from a single 'elegant' sound bar. The 2.1 system with two built-in subwoofers combine a 'premium' design aesthetic and 'outstanding' audio into the package. The new SB362An-F6 sound bar is available now at VIZIO.com for an MSRP of $139.99 and rolling out soon to Walmart.com, Costco and Meijer.


    Hiding inside the exterior is the 'secret' to the new 36" 2.1 Sound Bar's impressive bass, according to VIZIO. Highlighted by two internal subwoofers that are paired with four deep bass modules for 'deep, robust' bass, the all-new sound bar should be able to transform a living room, studio apartment or bedroom into a home theater. The space-saving system is ideal for rooms smaller in scale, claims the company. Whether listeners decide to rest it in front of their TV or mount it on the wall, the adjustable design keeps each driver in peak position for optimal performance.


    "The all-new 36" 2.1 Sound Bar with Built-in Dual Subwoofers is one of VIZIO's most versatile audio solutions yet," said Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO. "The flexible design ensures consumers don't have to choose between style and performance. The space-saving form factor is packed with room-filling, deep-bass technologies engineered to amplify the home entertainment experience."

    The 36" 2.1 Sound Bar with Built-in Dual Subwoofers also achieves a claimed 97dB of crystal clear sound along with Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual:X sound enhancement for simulated overhead and surround sound. For setup, the 36" 2.1 Sound Bar comes packaged with all required cables, and is designed to complement TVs 40" and larger. With Bluetooth streaming support, listeners can also stream their favorite music playlists and podcasts from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
    Two positioning options for the SB362An-F6 Sound Bar are suggested by VIZIO:



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