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Feb 3, 2022
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Michael Timko
Hello All!

Just seeing if this is a common issue that has been resolved before. I own 2 Vizio sound bars (one 2.1, and one 5.1). The model of my 5.1 is SB3651-E6. This one is about maybe a year and a half old. It has the wireless subwoofer and surround speakers. About a week ago, my family and I were watching a movie in my living room and it just shut off. I have been unable to get it to power back on since. I took the sound bar apart to see if any components look fried and see nothing unusual. I even poked around with my multimeter and was seeing voltage. I assembled it back up and tried a different cable and also a different outlet and nothing! No lights, no life. I found a bunch of "tips" such as hold power button and other buttons to "reset it" and get it to power back on. Still nothing.

Now tonight, the 2.1 sound bar in my bedroom did the same thing! This one is about 4-5 years old and not any extensive use or even played very loud. Both are plugged into surge protectors and there has not been any storms or any power line issues that would blow them out. Just seems weird that both of them might have "kicked the bucket" just a week apart.

The 5.1 is connected to just the TV VIA HDMI (ARC), and the 2.1 is connected VIA optical fiber. Those are the only connections. No issues with any other items connected to the surge protectors. Both lifeless with no power lights or anything.

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