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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Johnny Angell, Jan 9, 2014.

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    I was at Sams (walmart's price club) the other day and they had a big-ass passive 3D visio on display with some glasses tethered to it. I tried it out, boy did I find it unsatisfactory. The horizontal scan lines are CLEARLY visible. If I had to choose between HD (without 3D) and passive, I'd chose the HD.

    I didn't stand there long enough to really give the 3D a workout, but it seemed ok. That is, except for the fact you are getting about half the resolution of 3D. I know everyone has their own personal tastes, but it's hard to understand anyone being happy with passive 3D.

    I guess I see 3D as an enhancement to HD, not a replacement for HD. I need both.
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    Reason why I opted for a TV with active 3D, as the loss of resolution with passive was unacceptable. 3D still needs some improvements as mine has too much ghosting, but just hoping the industry can keep 3D going at all at this point!

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