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    Nov 22, 1999
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    Hey everyone,

    Due to some turnover at work it looks like I will have to support some programs that are written in Visual Basic. I graduated to early to be taught VB and unfortunately I’ve never taken the time to learn on my own. I know I will get training but it won’t be until the summer. Does anyone have any internet sites that would be helpful and any books that I can get in the interim?

    I’m really too busy to have this piled on but at least I will learn a new language and won’t have to pay for it.

    Thanks for your help,

  2. Michael Nelson

    Jul 31, 1998
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    MSDN is stuffed full of support for it. So try

    What version are you looking at? 3.0 was 16-bit (Win 3.1), 4.0 was an unholy union of 16 and 32 bit, 5.0 and 6.0 are both pure 32 bit. I would use 4.0 only if you need to support Win 3.x, otherwise use 6.0. There is a new version called VB.NET. The language has been completely redesigned. It's full on OO now, whereas earlier versions were only partially so.

    I've worked with every single version of VB (including the little known VB-DOS) over the past - oh 8 years or so.

    Don't worry, VB is a snap.

    Hey, does your company need a consultant? As a victim of the dot-bomb, I seem to be free. ;-)
  3. Brian Hepler

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    If you're supporting legacy VB systems, I would ignore VB.Net for right now.

    VB is quite easy to learn, actually. Lessee, where did I put those web sites?

    I actually found the Microsoft Mastering Series to be pretty useful. In addition, the Visual Studio discs include examples galore and are well worth wading through.

    Quick question: are you supporting VB applications, components, or Web applications using ASP code? Or all of the above?

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