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    So I get this email from a friend saying that he's in the process of downloading a Playstation 2 emulator, and that I should check it out. Now I know for a fact that there's no such animal, especially since none of the major emulation sites even mention it. Curiosity gets the better of me, and I grab the file just to see if there's any documentation or a contact webpage-maybe it's actually a work in progress. So I run the file, and it loos like an emulator, except that the name registers as "efakemulator"....

    This sets off all sorts of warning sirens in my head, and I proceed to run Norton. Sure enough, it says that my master boot record has been altered, and would I like to replace it with the backup. I say "Sure!", do it, and then reboot thinking that I caught the problem before it happened. Sure enough, the "Invalid system disc" message pops up.

    Pop in a system disc...nothing. Bunch of random ASCII characters where there should be directory names, and a bunch of data gone. After numerous attempts at recovery, I just wrote everything off and started from scratch with a new OS (see me other thread on that one...). To top it all off, my DVD rom drive decided to stop recognizing discs, so I have to install everything off of my 8x read burner...

    I guess my question is, has anyone ever heard of a virus that does this, or was Norton 2000 what destroyed everything.
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    Viruses have been affecting the MBR since viruses have been in existance. Who knows what it was trying to do. Ugh, I bet quite a few people have been caught by it though. Downloading pirate software from the web (and something marked as a PS2 emulator would definitely fall into that category) is fraught with risks. Avoid, avoid, avoid, unless reinstalling your OS is a hobby.

    Norton AV is usually pretty good at clearing up the mess after it detects a virus. It's difficult to comment on how your MBR became unusable without knowing all the details, but it's a moot point now anyway.

    On a side note, I used to know someone who would download a lot of cracked software. He ended up with his machine being hacked to bits, losing lots of work, business files and potentially incriminating material (no, I wont elaborate on that one). He thinks the hack originated from the site where he used to download the software. What a surprise.

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