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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by suspectdevice, Jul 8, 2011.

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    Hi everyone, new member here. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, but I have a project I am undertaking and could use some help/advice. I just recently inherited a 1964 Zenith stereo console and am trying to update it with modern equipment. Here is the exact model from a video I found on YouTube: So basically just using the console itself as a shell for the new components. I'd like to hook up a new turntable and receiver, and install new speakers, a CD player, and iPod dock so that they are all integrated and can be used individually. The console itself would remain vintage looking of course while housing the new components. Fabricating new parts won't be a problem, as I am basically looking for how to wire everything together without killing myself or burning down my house once I turn it on.
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    If you're using modern equipment hooking it all up isn't a problem either. Just follow the instruction manuals or tell us the exact brands and model numbers and we'll show you the way. How were you planning on installing the new equipment? The turntable could be put in the same place but I've never heard of anyone installing a receiver straight up (heat disapation issues-get a Pioneer) . Samsung (I think) made a BluRay player that could be hung flat on a wall so it would have been an option. Too bad the front doors don't open. Add a couple of shelves and put the syuff in there. What about the speakers? Will you be replacing the individual drivers ( or sticking some bookshelves in there? If so make sure they are front ported to reduce bass bloating and booming. That sounded pretty good for the vintage. Ride Captain Ride.

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