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Jan 20, 2009
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Nick Biniker
Hello - I am a new member and would like some input on home theater speakers. About a month ago, two of my 1970's era Phase Linear power amps both developed problems. The service tech I have used for years said that parts are not easy to come by any more and he could probably get them, but would not warrant any of the repairs. So, I started to shop around and ended up purchasing an Onkyo TX-SR806 receiver. I plan to sell all of the phase linear equipment (4 compenents). The question is this - I have the new receiver hooked up with 7 speakers that I used with the Phase Linear equipment: one pair of large advents for the front left and right, a second pair of large advents for the rear left and right, a pair of polk audio bookshelfs hooked up for the center left and right, and a sony bookshelf hooked up for the front center. I was then planning to purchase a klipsch sub-10 for a sub-woofer.

I have since started to do some research on home theater speakers and am finding information saying how important it is to have speakers that are 'matched' and properly balanced, etc... Is this true? The speakers I am using are not the best obviously, but they are decent quality speakers that worked well and sounded good in my previous setup. Is home theater a totally different thing in terms of speaker requirements? The setup sound pretty good, but I really don't have a point of reference, so in reality, it may only be a 5 on a scale of 10.

Thanks for the input.

Ed Moxley

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May 25, 2003
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Having matched speakers is the ideal setup. It's the preferred way.

I used my system for years with mismatched speakers. I had Allisons for my fronts, and a small Pioneer for the center. Then I bought an AR center from a pawn shop. Used it about three years. Recently, a friend gave me a pair of Polk Audio LSi9 speakers, for the fronts, and a Polk Audio LSiC center. Now, for the first time, my front three speakers match.

If you can afford to buy matching speakers, go for it. If not, I wouldn't worry about it. Enjoy what you have until you can do better.

David Willow

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Jan 23, 2004
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I agree non matched speakers can work, but it is far from optimal. Imagine a scene in a movie where someone walks across the screen while talking. In the left speaker he sounds a certain way, as he get to the center his voice changes and as he goes right it changes again. With matching speakers, the sound does not change.

Jerome Grate

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May 23, 1999
Based on your setup, I would spend some money on speakers that are matched. I've always been a fan of matching timbre in speakers. You've got the receiver, I assure you, there will be a significant difference in sound if you matched all the speakers in the system. My favorite site is Audio Advisor since they do have great speakers for really affordable prices. Circuit City, sad to say is going out of business and you may be able to get a setup for cheap.

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