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Vince's $2 DVD blow-out (Updated) plus Criterion (1 Viewer)

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
Dvds starting at $2. Shipping not included, but will happily ship media mail or buyer pref. Anyone buying 4 or more titles, media mail shipping is included.

Prefer sales, but open to trades (see wantlist at bottom, always open to offers). Paypal will work, so will certified MO.

$2 Titles
- President Clinton's Grand Jury Testimony (In keepcase, No cover)
- Scream 3 "collectors series"
- the Young and the Dead

{SOLD JP} Total Movie #1
{SOLD JP} Total Movie #3
{SOLD JP} Total Movie #4
{SOLD JP} Inside DVD Volume #?
{SOLD Ken} Clerks "Collectors Series"
{SOLD Ken} The Shawshank Redemption
{SOLD Ken} Vulgar (R-rated version)
{SOLD Ken} X-men
{SOLD Aaron} GoodFellas
{SOLD Aaron} Billy Madison
{SOLD Aaron} Shawshank Redemption

$3 Titles

{SOLD Ken} y tu mama tambien "special edition" unrated
{SOLD Ken} My Big Fat Greek Wedding
{SOLD Krishnan} Rounders
{SOLD Aaron} Titan AE
{SOLD Aaron} Field of Dreams "Collectors Edition"

$5 Titles
- Jackie Chan The Legend of Drunken Master

{SOLD Luke} Signs - Vista
{SOLD Sean} The Osbournes Uncensored 1st Season

{SOLD LB} Bowling for Columbine "special edition"
{SOLD Krishnan} One Hour Photo
{SOLD Krishnan} Ghost World

$7 Titles
- Iron Monkey - Chinese Release with all Chinese Language Packaging has 5.1 and english subtitles
- Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness - 2-disc Boomstick Edition (Disc One is US Theatrical Disc 2 is Director's Cut)

{SOLD Krishnan} Star Wars Episode II
{SOLD Krishnan} Memento "limited edition" 2disc
{SOLD Krishnan} Windtalkers "collectors set" 3disc
{SOLD Aaron} Master and Commander
{SOLD LB} Man on Fire

$15 Titles
{SOLD CHRIS CLARK} Red Beard - Criterion

More titles to come.

[email protected]

Partial Wishlist, Offers Gladly Considered:
But I'm A Cheerleader, Slums of Beverly Hills, Work of Director Spike Jonze, Work Of Director Michel Gondry, Shattered Glass, Bound, The Toy, The Ref, The Minus Man, Cradle Will Rock, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Toys, Sound and Vision: Tune Up Disc, In the Realm of the Senses, Full Frontal, Prince of Darkness, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Heathers, Startup.com Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Babe SE, Happiness, Max, Blue Velvet: SE, Fargo:SE, People vs. Larry Flynt: SE, Living In Oblivion, Finding Nemo SE, The Straight Story, The Beguiled, Get Carter (1971), Klute, Silent Running, The French Connection (2disc), Play it Again Sam, Fellini's Roma, Harold and Maude, The Last Picture Show, Deliverence, Caberet, Frenzy, The Getaway (1972), Dirty Money (Un Flic 1972), The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisis (Criterion), Solaris (Criterion), What's Up Doc, The Legend of Paul and Paula, Soylent Green, Badlands, Day for Night, Westword, Live and Let Die, Papillon, Flesh for Frankenstein (Criterion), Don't Look Now, The Sting, My Name is Nobody, The Towering Inferno, Lenny, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original), A Woman Under Influence, The Great Gatsby, Death Wish, The Conversation, Young Frankenstein, The Lost Honor of Kathrina Blum (Criterion), The French Connection II, Nashville, Supervixens, Barry Lyndon, Dog Day Afternoon, Three Days of the Condor, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Carrie, Marathon Man, The Pink Panther Box Set, The Tenant, All the President's Men, Network, Assult on Precinct 13, Ai no corrida (In the Realm of the Senses), The American Friend, That Obsure Object of Desire (Criterion), Saturday Night Fever, Annie Hall, Padre padrone, Coming Home, Midnight Express, The Deer Hunter, Superman: the Movie, La Cage Folles, Day of Heaven, The Marriage Maria Braun (Criterion), Halloween, The Last Waltz, Autumn Sonata (Criterion), Dawn of the Dead (original), Manhatten, The Tin Drum (Criterion), Escape from Alacatraz, Kramer vs. Kramer, Monty Python's Life of Brian (Criterion), Apocolypse Now Redux, The China Syndrome, Being There, Cruising, The Elephant Man, The Last Metro, Dressed to Kill, Ordinary People, Gloria, Raging Bull, Heaven's Gate, Kagemusha (Criterion), Atlantic City, Diva, The Shining, The Maltese Falcon, Any Anamorphic Anime, Any movie with John Cusack, ANY IFP Independent Spirit Award Nominee 1986-2004, Any Adult Titles, Any Criterions I don't have will trade straight up for Red Beard, or 2-1 for $7 titles or 3-1 for $5 & $2 titles.


Supporting Actor
Dec 25, 2001
Real Name
Joshua Bal
interested in y tu mama tambien "special edition"

is it unrated, and what kind of condition is it in? LMK!


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 15, 2003
Nice prices... If they're not taken already, I'll take,
Clerks "collectors series" (original release)
The Shawshank Redemption (original release)
Vulgar (r-rated version) includes Dogma Documentary
X-men (original release)
my big fat greek wedding

Also, if josh doesn't take mama y tu tambien, I'll take that as well. Let me know, thanks.

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
y tu mama tambien is the unrated version.

all DVDs on this list are in excellent, if not MINT condition. All my discs are handled with care, stored properly and kept with the utmost anal collector methods. Any discs that are other than perfect are noted as such next to the title.

Of note, Memento LE, I seem to recall had a little plastic paperclip on the case (to make it look more like a medical file) which has disappeared in my move cross country. Sorry.

Josh has dibs on y tu mama tambien for now, obviously, but Ken can have the rest of the items on his list.

Ken- as far as additional titles- I am probably going to end up listing some stuff for a friend in the next week or so- but it might be a while before he compiles his list. Might be better to just close this deal (since you're not paying shipping on these anyway) and then you can see the next list when it goes up- prob after the first of the year. I have added one or two today- so feel free to take more if you're interested.

So the pending list would be:

Josh ($3 plus shipping)
-y tu mama tambien

Ken ($11 includes media mail shipping, can upgrade for $)
-Clerks, The Shawshank Redemption, Vulgar, X-men, my big fat greek wedding.


Aaron Smithski

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 18, 2002
Hi Vince,

I would like:

Shawshank Redemption
Billy Madison
Titan AE
Field of Dreams
Master and Commander - if it is the WS version...probably is ;)



Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
Krishnan- email me with zip code and I'll get a final price with shipping.

Aaron- M&C is widescreen. Will consider titles spoken for, email me to setup payment.

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
Payments received:

Krishnan $34
($3) Rounders (Original Non-SE)
($5) One Hour Photo
($5) Ghost World
($7) Star Wars Episode II
($7) Memento (2D LE)
($7) Wind Talkers (3D CE)

Aaron $19
($2) Billy Madison
($2) Shawshank Redemption (Original Non-SE)(Missing PoP)
($2) Goodfellas (Flipper) [wear on the spine and light scratches on the disc]
($3) Titan AE
($3) Field of Dreams (Original Non-SE)
($7) Master and Commander (sealed)

JimPeitersen $8
($2) Total Movie #1 ("TROOPS")- keepcase w/ custom art.
($2) Total Movie #3 - keepcase w/ custom art.
($2) Total Movie #4 - keepcase w/ custom art.
($2) Inside DVD Volume #? - Cardboard sleeve.

KenWong $11
($2) Clerks "collectors series" (Original Non-SE)
($2) The Shawshank Redemption (Original Non-SE)
($2) Vulgar (r-rated version) includes Dogma Documentary
($2) X-men (Original, Not 1.5)
($3) My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
Oh come on- I knew Scream 3 was bad- but I can't find a buyer for $2? You can't RENT a DVD for $2. You'd probably get more trade credit at your local used CD store...


Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
Sorry for this: My email box went currupted and I lost a bunch of email between the 25th and the 30th. I need to confirm the address and orders.

I think I have everything right, I just wanted to confirm before I ship the rest of the boxes (and make sure the ones that already shipped are complete and going to the right place). Please send it to me here and [email protected]

Sorry again.


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