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    I have 65" Mitsu Gold Plus RPTV.

    How far away should one sit from a 65" RPTV??

    I also have a pretty expensive and developed home theater system. I just can't ever seem to figure a good listening position..

    Could someone help me out. Currently, I have the couch about 7 feet back and my ears are about 9 feet back. It really seems kinda close, but I read and hear that it shouldn't be that far away for good surround sound. I have the speakers 7 feet apart..
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    Neil Joseph
    Let us see. A 65" 16x9 screen would be 32" x 57" so multiply the width of the screen by 1.5 and you get 86" or 7ft. This of course is the closest you should be. The general rule is 1.5 to 2 times the scree width so for you, that would be between 7ft and 9.5ft.
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    Holding source quality and viewer preference constant for a moment, you get a THX recommended optimum distance of 7.5 feet seating distance for a 36 degree viewing angle. 10.4 feet away, which gives you a 26 degree viewing angle, is the maximum recommended distance according to THX. According to SMPTE (EG-18-1994 standard of 30 degrees), 9 feet away is the optimum.

    Now, this being said, the lower the quality of your source, the farther back you probably want to be. Too close and you'll see all kinds of visual defects.

    Also, the ultimate determinant is your own eyes. Only you can say what will look the best for you. THX may have spent millions researching what is an ideal angle for an enveloping immersive theatric experience, but that might mean absolutely nothing to your eyes.

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