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May 9, 2004
I have an Onkyo TS-501 A/V Receiver. According to the manual, the output to TV must match the input. So, I'm using component video from my DVD and then component video out to the TV. Now, my intention was to hook up all my components through the A/V receiver so it would be the "master" switch (sound and video switching through the Onkyo). However, my TIVO only allows for S-Video out (it has RCA jacks, but not component), so I sent the S-Video to the Onkyo and from the Onkyo to the TV. Now, the sound switches, but the TV requires changing the Video input. Is there anyway around this with my equipment? I just purchased the receiver, so I can replace it. If there is no way around it, then it might just be best to go direct to the TV and deal w/ all the remotes.

Thanks in advance for your response.


Andy Goldstein

Stunt Coordinator
May 6, 2003
unless you are comfortable using a single universal remote for all your components, you will need multiple remotes anyway. i have 5 of the silly things on the table, and while i am ok using the kenwood receiver's remote to do everything, ny wife likes to use the correct remote for the job. also, i am not using the kenwood to do all the a/v switching. even forgetting the fact that the video bandwidth is not high enough, its nice to be able to just turn on the tv, select one input, and watch something without messing with the stereo. for those that are technologically challenged, anyway.


Allan Jayne

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Nov 1, 1998
When dealing with A/V receivers that upconvert the video, for example to cross feed the S-video input to the component video ouput, there is a new issue that is raised, how good the upconversion is.

GOing from composite to component or from composite to S-video, a comb filter is needed, and these can vary widely in quality. If your TV has a 3D comb filter and you get an upconverting receiver that doesn't have a 3D comb filter, you will pay a price in picture quality for the convenience of picking up just one remote.

Video hints:

Ted Lee

Senior HTF Member
May 8, 2001
as already stated, unless you have a receiver that will upconvert everything to one type of output, you're going to be stuck.

as far as universal remotes go, you may be able to create a macro that will do what you want -- switching both the receiver's and tv's inputs, but (for other reasons) that can be tricky as well.

my yamaha does the upconversion...it'll route everything via the component mon-out. for me, this is a no-brainer. the only time i give a hoot about picture quality is when i'm using my dvd's anyway -- and i'm using a dvi connection for that ... but for my family they're happy just going through the receiver.

so, the simplicity of master-switching through the receiver far outweights any picture issues.

allan - i know we use the term "upconversion" a lot, but that's not really what's happening...correct? you have any info regarding how the receiver does this? i'm just kinda curious...

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