Video Camera recommendations?

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    Well...this really isn't home theater hardware so I am just posting this here....any mod can feel free to move it to hardware if they feel it would be more appropriate there.

    Of the following list of cameras, which ones should I look at:

    * Canon ZR-40 Digital Video Camera (T4696LL/A)
    *Canon ZR-45MC Digital Video Camera (T4697LL/A)
    *Canon Elura 40MC Digital Video Camera (T4967LL/A)
    *Canon GL2 Mini DV Camcorder (T5106LL/A)
    *Canon XL-1S Mini DV Professional Camcorder (T4057LL/A)
    *JVC GR-DVL120U Mini Digital Video Camera (T5080LL/A)
    *JVC GR-DVL820 Mini Digital Video Camera (T5081LL/A)
    *JVC GR-DVP7 Mini Digital Video Camera (T5082LL/A)
    *Sony DCR-TRV18 Digital Handycam Camcorder (T4779LL/A)
    *Sony DCR-TRV27 Digital Handycam Camcorder (T4780LL/A)
    *Sony DCR-PC101 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder (T5104LL/A)

    Basically I don't want to spend a lot. And I can get from $100 to $500 off any camera on this list when bought from the apple store online.
    Thanks guys!
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    I did some research and ended up with a Canon Elura 40MC. It has worked very well for me - my first camcorder. It's combination of size, features, and price couldn't be beat. Anything bigger would be obtrusive and not often carried around.

    I'd go to the store and grab hold of some of the cameras. You'll probably find some fit your hands better than others. The Sony ones just didn't work for me, the zoom control was awkward for the length of my fingers. That experience quickly cut out a lot of options.

    As a bonus, I also use a Canon digital camera, and the 40MC came with a much-improved version of Zoombrowser, their still-photo management software. So in a way my camcorder purchase upgraded my digicam too :)

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