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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by David_JM, Mar 14, 2004.

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    Mar 14, 2004
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    Hi all,

    I have a Sony KV-32FS100 (32" Wega). I have a satellite radio receiver connected to Video 3's audio inputs currently (since I haven't gotten a real receiver yet), so that I can just listen to music for now through the TV's speakers. Unfortunately, because there's no video input, the "Video 3" (or "Satellite") label is constantly displayed in the top-left corner. Hitting the remote's Display button, of course, doesn't disable it with no video input.

    Is there a way, perhaps through service mode, to turn the label off, but still leave Video 3 enabled, so that I can change into that mode? Alternatively, is there some hack I can do to disable the label? Can you think, perhaps, of a way I could jury-rig a fake input signal, so that I can compel the label to disappear? Maybe a trick using parts from Radio Shack? (I have a Sony DVD player that I can work into this setup if it helps, but no VCR.)

    Of course, I'll eventually just get a receiver. [​IMG]

    Many thanks for any creative thoughts!

  2. Jesse Skeen

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    My Mitsubishi lets you rename the inputs, so I just "renamed" them all with spaces so no text shows up.
    If it won't let you do that, you could at least plug in a DVD player's video output and let it display a blank screen.
  3. Steve Schaffer

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    You could run a video cable from your dvd player's composite video output to the composite input on Video 3 and put the player into a repeat mode with a dvd playing, or pause the player during the blackout between scenes on a movie?

    Most Sonys also let you label the inputs and if your's is one then Jesse's solution would work just fine.

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