Victory At Sea with original color footage?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Dennis Nicholls, Jul 27, 2003.

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    No, I'm not talking about "colorizing" the series Victory At Sea.

    Instead, I'm referring to the fact that a good percentage (if not a majority) of the combat film used in Victory At Sea was originally shot in color. Why do I know this? Because many of the famous scenes appear in other documentaries (e.g. The World At War, Wings Over Water, even Tora, Tora, Tora) in their original color format. Nowadays, when a documentary film is produced from a combination of black & white and color footage, this fact isn't considered a problem and the final resulting documentary includes both. But in the early days of television, when Victory At Sea was produced, broadcast was black & white only. For this reason, the original color segments were "black & whitized" giving an uniformly black & white product for TV broadcast.

    How was this done? I guess that it was done in one of two possible ways. Method 1 is to splice together a master including black & white and color originals, and make a black & white print of the result. Method 2 is to make black & white transfers from the original color segments, and splice these together forming a uniform black & white original master.

    To make a mixed black & white and color Victory At Sea, one would have to go back to these original materials. If method 1 was used, this should not be too difficult. If method 2 was used, this would entail a lot more work.

    How many of you would prefer a restored Victory At Sea that would include the orignal format of the film segments, be they black & white or color?
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    Interesting. There's also the possibility that there were more then one camerman shooting the same scenes. Part of the "charm" of the series is the black and white grittiness of the footage. Pretty color photos may appeal to some but the black and white version seems best to me.

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