Vice City the fastest selling game in the UK

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    Congrats to the guys at Rockstar...

    "Wowza! It was always going to be massive, but Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has exceeded all expectations in the UK, shifting over 250,000 units in its opening weekend at retail. This massive figure destroys the previous record held by Konami's Metal Gear Solid 2, also on PS2, which achieved initial sales of over 120,000.
    With the game selling like the wind in the US and Europe, it seems almost certain that Rockstar's brilliant title will go on to become one of the biggest selling videogames of all time. Cripes."

    In slighty related news the UK is seeing an xmas boom as far as the XBox and PS2 are concerned but not the Gamecube...hmmmm.

    "The Christmas spending rush began in earnest last week as console sales rose across the board in Britain, with big winners emerging as Xbox and PlayStation 2.
    Xbox sales rose 46 percent to 15,102 in the week ending November 10. The sound you're hearing is Microsoft staffers screaming for joy, especially when you compare that figure to GameCube sales.

    The Nintendo console sold 6,839 machines last week, a rise of a mere 3 percent. Game Boy Advance remained the star of Nintendo's show in the run-up to Christmas, shifting 15,557 units, a rise of 14 percent week over week.

    Now for the biggy. PlayStation 2 sold 45,245 consoles in Britain last week, a 14 percent increase over the previous seven days. And with the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City last Friday, you can expect this week's figures to increase again. Don't underestimate, etc."
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    I feel lucky to have got Vice City from Amazon UK when I did. I ordered it only 2 days before release, and they shipped it on the 7th so it arrived with me on the 8th (UK day of release). Since Firday their listing has been 'ships within 1-2 weeks' so they clearly went out of stock from day one there.

    Good christmas for everything frankly. Film scores, films and games. So much good stuff. I'm still hoping X-Box sees a big sales surge this Christmas.


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