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    I *know* it's a bad idea to store VHS tapes close to a sub, but how close can you safely store VHS tapes next to an unshielded 15" (Tempest) subwoofer?

    If the magnetic field can affect a TV, I'm guessing that the same magnetic field can affect a VHS tape.

    I don't have a lot of flexibility in relocating them to another part of the room; so, I'm hoping for some distance recommendation like 2ft, 3ft, etc. (Translation, my wife has the other three walls occupied with stuff so I can't move them.)

    Replacing them all with DVDs is a bit much...

    Know of any web sites that may address this?

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    Hi Andy. Welcome to HTF!

    It largely depends on how strong the magnetic field is around the sub in a static (no sound) situation, and how strong it is playing sound.

    My advice: get a inexpensive compass. Put it on the shelf nearest the woofer. Does the needle move because of the sub? Now play some bass-heavy track/scene. Does the needle move in response to this?

    If the balanced compass needle is affected - move the tapes away. If not, you are likely safe.

    Hope this helps.

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