VGA --> Video (composite) cables?

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    This really has nothing to do with home theatre, but I figured I would ask anyways...
    While my home theatre is being constructed, I am taking the opportunity to make my 'car' theatre. I am looking to wire a connection from the VGA outputs on my video card to a composite video input on my LCD screen. Does anyone know if a cable like this exists or where to get it? If not, would anyone have a wiring diagram that would allow me to make my own?
    Thanks for the help...I will let everyone know how it all goes! =]
    BTW, I have decided on a HT setup of :
    Toshiba TLP-MT7 XGA Front Projector
    Da-Lite 120" screen
    Paradigm Reference Fronts
    Paradigm Center
    Paradigm Rears (in-ceiling, if this is bad, let me know)
    Yamaha RXV1 or Harman/Kardon AVR-520
    Yamaha 5-dics DVD player
    Lighting controls will be from Lightolier's Compose Line
    Automation Controls from HAI (drapes, HVAC, security, etc..)
    and a car theatre setup of :
    AMD Athlon 1Ghz
    256MB DDR pc2100 RAM
    10GB 7200RPM U/ATA 100 IBM HD
    3COM 10/100MB Ethernet
    On-board sound and video
    Generic 5.6" LCD kit
    Generic DVD player (hey, it works [​IMG]
    JL Audio VR Series 5.25" component fronts
    JL Audio VR Series 6x9" coaxial rears
    Panasonic Center
    JL Audio Subwoofers
    Alpine DD 5.1 decoder
    JVC Head Unit (cd with changer controls and line inputs)
    AutoCommand Remote Start
    AutoPage Security system with pager
    ** Sorry for the long post, just trying to get some feedback
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    It depends on the output signal. If the VGA port is sending out composite video, then you can use a VGA to RCA breakout cable. They are usually available at computer stores (although they are usually VGA to 5 BNC. You'll have to go to Rat Shack for some BNC to RCA adapters). Plug the green cable into the video in and you'll be good to go.

    However, if the VGA output is sending anything BUT composite, you're out of luck, unless you A: get another LCD screen with the appropriate inputs, or B:get an inline scaler to knock the output signal down to NTSC (which seems impractical, especially in a car). Hope this helps.


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