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Version 2.0 of DVD Profiler is Coming! (1 Viewer)

Andreas Piel

Jun 25, 2002
Version 2.0.0
The Details
Check this page for frequent updates. Over the next few weeks, we'll be announcing enhancements, fixes, and new features in DVD Profiler 2.0. The big and the small will be announced side by side as we prepare to release this major update! Newest additions to this list will be highlighted.
Note: Version 2.0 is still in Alpha release, so features may change. If a feature is listed on this page, there's a strong chance it will be included in version 2.0, but there is no guarantee. If you don't see something you can't live without, keep checking back - the list for 2.0 is long, and we'll be adding items and details to it right up till release day.
Which of course begs the question "When is it coming?". The short answer is "When it's ready." We are committed to rolling out a stable and complete 2.0. To that end, we'll be making early release beta versions of 2.0 available for download soon. To keep the beta manageable, we're restricting access to the early releases to premium registrants.

When version 2.0 is released publicly, it will be available to all users, and will remain free. Premium registrations for version 1.0 are good for version 2.0, as well as all future versions of DVD Profiler.

New Features
International Support
Localized versions of DVD Profiler in English, Spanish, French, German, etc.
Local currency support, including automatic value conversion
Support for expanded language choices for audio and subtitle tracks
DVD localization by country, including support for varied title, overview, ratings systems, etc.
New Data
Several requested new genres: Documentary, Musical, Sports, Television and War.
Across the board, DVD Profiler 2.0 is significantly faster than 1.0, in some cases several times faster.
Filters by title (even in the Add DVD window) are now instantaneous.
Reassign Collection Numbers feature can now operate by Title order.
Reassign Collection Numbers feature can now operate on "Owned" "Ordered", or "Wish list".
Added standard aspect ratio of 1.78:1
Database repair, when needed, is now automatic and robust
Bug Fixes
List index out of bounds error when changing renter max is now corrected.
"Parental control settings are corrupt" error is now corrected.
Parental control password window no longer shows scroll bars on XP.
"Last Edited" date now is backed up.
"Filtered" total was incorrect after refreshing online profile list.


Supporting Actor
Oct 14, 2001
Your site ROCKS !!!! :emoji_thumbsup: (I am a long time registered user of DVDProfiler, looking forward to 2.0).

Daryl L

Supporting Actor
Sep 26, 1999
NEAT-O! I too am a Premium Member and love how DVDPofiler makes cataloging my collection and checking for dvd information soooooooo simple. :D


Stunt Coordinator
Jan 23, 2002
Love the program! However in MY perfect world there would be five things I would add.
For your consideration:
1. Have you ever considered adding the ability to catalog other media i.e. L-A-S-E-R-D-I-S-C? There are many other programs out there which offer this but I have found none that I like nearly as much as yours, and all LD compatible programs do not allow cover pictures. It would not have to be full featured like the DVD listings, but to simply have the name, genre & and the ability to add a cover picture would be great. Plus I suppose the ability to sort by format would be needed.
2. As someone noted above, the ability to add/change your own genres would be handy.
3. A way to filter by watched/not watched. I think anyone with a large collection would agree it would be very handy! I often buy DVD’s faster than I can watch them, or I save some of the supplements for a later time, etc.
4. The ability to easily export into excel so I could synchronize it into my PDA for when I'm shopping, etc.
5. More interesting and personalized skins.

**Does anyone agree with me? If so PLEASE LET THEM KNOW!

Regardless, I can't wait for the next version and THANKS AGAIN FOR THE GREAT PROGRAM!


Supporting Actor
Aug 1, 1997
Andreas - v2 sounds great (glad to see you've finally added some much needed categories!)

But... it appears you're still missing a very important feature: the ability to track episodes of a TV Series. It would be absolutely wonderful if you could print out a list of episodes for a given series (ordered by either episoded title or episode number). A lot of people are collecting TV on DVD and it would sure make it easier if you could search for an episode and find out what DVD it is on! (Especially series like The Twilight Zone where the episodes are on the DVDs in no particular order.)


Christian Preischl

Oct 11, 2001
Real Name
Christian Preischl

A way to filter by watched/not watched. I think anyone with a large collection would agree it would be very handy! I often buy DVD’s faster than I can watch them, or I save some of the supplements for a later time, etc.
A little tip there: Use the review feature to your advantage. Just review every film you've watched. It doesn't matter if you really give any thought to it, just put in something higher than 0 of those blue thingies. And then filter for "exactly" and 0 blue bars i.e. not reviewed. That way it'll list all DVDs you haven't watched.



Supporting Actor
Nov 30, 1998
One feature I'd like to see is the ability to associate icons with types of sound tracks a little more freely in the reports. Right now it doesn't matter whether the track is DD or DTS -- in the report there's a hard-coded DD icon. Would be great if we could select the appropriate ones (DD/DTS/PCM, etc).

Chris M

Second Unit
Apr 15, 2000
I'd like a way to enter the amount of discs a certain title has, ie, Alien box set has 4 discs.

Right now I'm using numbers to figure out how many discs I have, ie #1=title 1, #2= 2 disc title, so #4 = title 3 etc.

Cumbersome, but I havdn't found a better way.


Christian Preischl

Oct 11, 2001
Real Name
Christian Preischl

this month? No way. Version 2.0 is currently in its alpha phase! My guess is it'll take months until release.


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