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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by DonnyD, Aug 19, 2003.

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    I've been shopping these fine Energy speakers for a while now and the new "i" series coming out saw some deals to be had for last years models. Today I received a pair of the Veritas 2.2 and matching stands in cherry. I am in awe of the beauty after assembling them. They are much better looking that I thought they'd be regardless of the fact I know they are expensive. Build quality is just spectacular.

    Now for the bad part. UPS handling destroyed one of them. The woofer and rod mount was torn away. They'll be repaired and in a couple of weeks, I'll finally get to hear these fine pieces sound off. I have already ordered the 2.0 center Veritas to complete the front side of my HT system.

    I'll spend the next few weeks or so breaking them in and then give them a true test against my old JBL L100 monsters that usually eats just about anything. I do expect a more refined laid back sound from the Veritas whereas the JBLs just reach out and slap you in the face.
    We'll see.

    Anybody else here using Veritas for 2 channel or HT?
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    I'm a total newbie here to the whole HT scene, but I have been very fortunate with the end of the year model clearance in our area's goodguys stores (the only authorized dealer of Energy speakers in the Seattle area).

    Currently we have the following in our HT:

    Veritas 2.3 fronts
    Veritas 2.0 center
    Veritas 2.0R rears x4
    Yamaha RX-V1400 receiver
    Cobalt speaker cables for the fronts and the center
    Toshiba 27" old TV
    No sub yet - may have to wait

    Far cry from the initial quest to get the Klipsch Quintets! I'm the music lover in my family, so my use of the system is more 80% music/20% movies. The reverse probably for the kids and my lovely wife. Just using the 2.3's for music leaves me wanting to listen all day and all night. Definitely more refined than the Klipsch references that I listened to. I chose the Veritas for the pure tones and the incredible soundstage. I think that the Veritas line is a perfect fit wit the Yamaha.

    One of the more seasoned HT colleagues here in Seattle told me about the Onix Rockets, but I never got a chance to listen to them (too busy trying to talk the goodguys down on the price). Hope you got the speakers fixed and are enjoying them!
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    I was running Veritas 2.1's for mains. I still currently run the 2.0C and the 2.0R (2 of them). The Veritas are great speakers.

    I found that they really opened up after adding an external amp. I added a Parasound HCA 855A (85X5). It sure made a big difference from my Yamaha 992.

    Jeff Aguilar

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