vegas / axiom timber matching ???

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    i had 10" large cerwin vegas for some time and used them primarily for music they sound GREAT, last year i purchsed a surround speaker set of axioms Q8's for the rear and vp150 for the center. the dialouge seems very low and i have been told that the vegas are very efficient and are drowning out my center. i was told the "timber" was not matched and this is why i have poor dialouge. do i have to give up my cerwin vegas? i can dj a party with these things and they really pump, i cannot pump some smaller axioms for great music! if i were to "timber match" which axioms will do the job?. even if i increase the db of the centers it helps but does not really sove the problem

    please help
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    Timbre matching is most important for the front stage, and these two speakers will not likely match well. The Axioms are quite efficient, and can handle plenty of power. If you have not calibrated your speakers with an SPL meter to match all the speaker levels, this is a much more likely cause of the issue.

    It would probably help to know what other gear you have.

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