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    After popping in the Video Essentials DVD, and callibrating with the SPL meter in hand, I started wondering which "sub" feature I was actually adjusting. My reciever (Sony STR DE945) has three sub woofer lever parameters: Sub woofer lever, LFE mix level, and the dts SFE mix level.
    Now with the VE DVD, does anybody know which parameter I am actually adjusting?
    One more question, should I first adjust the level of my sub first, then adjust accordingly to what VE tells me? OR should I not even bother with the level knob on the sub, and just keep it where it is and then adjust to what VE tells me?
    Thanks for helping one confused guy.
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    The LFE mix level should usually be set to the maximum. I haven't heard of SFE, but I'd guess this is the LFE mix level for DTS and set it to maximum as well.
    Then you'll set the gain knob on the subwoofer up pretty high - usually 1/2 to 3/4 up. Then use the receivers subwoofer level control for calibration. The idea is to end up with the subwoofer level pretty low once you're calibrated so that the output signal doesn't clip. But you'll to have a little room left to turn it down a few dB if the bass is overbearing for a specific movie. You may have to go back and adjust the subwoofers gain knob to get just the right combination.
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    You adjust the Subwoofer Volume when using VE, you should leave the LFE settings at their default on that receiver. I have the STR-DE845, and the manual alludes to the reasons why they are set the way they are. And as in the previous post, turn your Sub's volume knob up to about 3/4 of full, then adjust the receiver using VE. Of course, I'm assuming you have already adjusted the main volume.
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