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vcrless system setup dilema (1 Viewer)


Jun 5, 2002
I am by no means a HT guru so please excuse this if there is some obvious solution that I am overlooking. Here is my problem. The deviced I need to connect are a tv with rca and coax inputs and no audio outs; dvd player; and reciever. I can't figure out how to get the audio signal from cabletv into the reciever. Currently it is setup such that the dvd is outputting to the reciever which is in turn going to the rca ins in the back of the tv. The cabletv is going into the coax in on the back of the tv. With this setup I can use the reciever for dvd audio but cable audio is alas coming out of the...sigh... tv speakers. What I need is something like a rf modulator in reverse to pick out the audio signal from cable and send it to the receiver. I know I could do this by running everyting through a vcr. I just hate having to take up space when I never use it to record anything. Ideas?



Feb 28, 2002
The only things that do what you ask are generally VCR's, TV's(with audio out), and Cable/DSS boxes. Most people would have at least one of those anyway....

Although, one time I had a stereo hooked up to a headphone jack on a TV to accomplish this.

If you do infact have a cable box, but it doesn't have RCA out's, you should be able to get an updated one from the cable company that has these.

Assuming you don't have a cable box, right now you're changing channels using the TV tuner right? Well that would mean that whatever RF demodulator would have to come after the tuner otherwise how would it know which channel of audio you want sent to the recv. If your TV doesn't have audio outs, I doubt it has coax out after the tuner, so either way you would need some sort of device that has a tuner as well as demodulate the audio signals. You would want it to have a remote also, so this leads us to a VCR or cable box.

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