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Vault Disney DVDs - suppliment clips better than feature film??? (1 Viewer)

DaViD Boulet

Senior HTF Member
Feb 24, 1999
Some others have posted here being a tad dissappointed with the "dim" or "dull" nature of some of the Vault discs (Yeller, Polly, Swiss, Parent Trap).

So far I've watched Parent Trap and Pollyana. They both seemed dim, dull, with subdued color and contrast.

They also both seemed overly-soft and lacking in detail/resolution.

What's astonishing is that when you view the suppliments on both of these discs, you see film clips in the documentaries that exhibit rich, saturated color! What's more disturbing to me is that when watching the documentaries for Pollyana, I almost fell out of my chair because the film clips (4x3) in the documentary were also razor-sharp and just laden with detail. So much resolution that I when I switched back to the feature discs, and skipped to the same scenes to do a comparison check, the feature film looked so blurry, out-of-focus, and lacking in resolution I could hardly belive I had just watched the movie and survived!

Here's my fear:

To reduce film-grain (to aid in compression or just to make the image look cleaner) in the feature film the transfers were over-filtered which also reduced apparent detail. Do you guys remember the THX approved 16x9 "Heathers" DVD? It is so filtered that the old image 4x3 lbxed DVD actually has more detail and looks better!

I would have thought Disney wouldn't make a mistake like this but the suppliments just look so razor-sharp (with superior color saturation too...especially on parent trap), clear, and detailed that it really makes me think something has gone seriously wrong with some of these DVD transfers.


Brian W

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 12, 2000

Just following up our discussion yesterday on the other thread to let you know I haven't done the clip to movie comparison yet, will try to do that tonight and get back to you. I've already voiced my opinion on the other threads, so I won't repeat myself here.

I was curious about your RP91 settings. Like what are your "user" settings (U1, U2, U3, U4), gamma, on 1-5?. I understand your screen is calibrated but wondered how you handled your settings from disc to disc. Like if you DO change the settings for one disc, those settings will be carried over to the next disc that hasn't been played previously...

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