Varying DVD Quality on good DVDs

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Matt Lee, Sep 8, 2003.

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    Jun 9, 2003
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    I just recently received a brand new Panasonic 47wx53, but the issue I'm having I believe is more my lack of a progressive scan DVD player, but I want to be sure since the actual results aren't quite what I expected.

    I'm presently using my Xbox as my DVD player, only because my other old interlaced player only has s-video out and the Xbox w/HD pack has component out. Plus I've read the xbox as a dvd player is at least on par with super cheap DVD players (which my other player, Mintek 1600, is). I fully intend to buy a pro-scan DVD player its just a matter of when and for how much.

    What I'm experiencing is that some DVDs (Rockstar, Princess Bride, The Matrix) look fantastic, and some (Labyrinth [superbit], Panic Room [superbit]) look excessively grainy. I find it odd that the superbits specifically seem to be the ones that did this, though I don't know that its a super-bit specific issue.

    In my reading about deinterlacing artifacts I haven't quite figured out why a below average deinterlacer (I'm using my TV's obviously, it has 3:2 pulldown but that's about it) would specifically make a DVD look grainy. I've also noticed video-sourced material (some concert DVDs) looks really jaggy and I guessed that was because its not 3:2 so the TV possibly just used the line doubler instead of the deinterlacer?

    Anyway, any help as to whether my suspicions are correct would be appreciated. I'm torn between getting a compromise "Good" DVD player, and a Denon 1600 or 1200. The latter seems the best way to go for DVD quality, but will take me longer to get the cash for.
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    Grain is not artifacting. Some films are naturally grainy because of film stock used or director intent (Panic Room is one, if I recall). If you are experiencing a shimmer on horizontal pans (brick walls, chain link fences) you may be seeing interlacing problems. If a film just looks grainy overall, it is probably meant to be (think Saving Private Ryan for an extreme case). You are correct about the video sourced material, if it is put through the 3:2 pulldown it may look jaggy because it is not from a film source.

    Regardless, you probably would improve your picture quality qith a good progressive player.

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