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Elizabeth S

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May 9, 2001
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Elizabeth S
For sales, U.S.only please. Payment via NON-credit card/debit card only by PayPal (I have a personal account which doesn't allow acceptance of cc/dc), or by money order.

Buy $50 (pre-shipping), and take a $5 or less DVD for free. (Weight of free title(s) will be counted in the total shipping price.)

Shipping prices will be approximately as follows by Priority Mail:

Single disc title: $2.00 (First Class)
Double disc title: $3.00 (First Class)
Up to 1 lb. (3 of most single DVDs w/o heavy inserts or slipcover) - $4.50
1 lb. to 2 lb. $6.50
2 lb. to 3 lb. $9.50 (when it won’t fit in the Flat Rate box)
$8.50 for Flat Rate Priority box (About 16 single disc titles will fit inside for this price)

Unfortunately, Hawaii is Zone 8, and the Priority rates are high, but I do not use Media Mail. (Most boxsets after packaging fall into the 1 lb. to 2 lb. category.) If you’re interested, let me know which titles and I can do a trial “package & weigh” to give you an exact total. If possible, I would use the Flat Rate Priority Mail box for packaging anything over 2 lbs. to try to save on the postage. However, a trial shows the box is a tad small to fit too many boxsets. Therefore, please note that shipping prices are approximate, depending on how things fit into a box and/or the resulting weight.

All DVDs in excellent to mint condition, or as noted. Prefer to trade titles without prices at this time. (New additions will be added to list and also noted in new posts in the thread.)

Please reference DVD sale/trade in the subject of your e-mail or it may be mistakenly deleted as unfamiliar/suspicious e-mail! :)


8 1/2 $19
Bad Timing $17 (sealed)
Forbidden Games $15
Great Expectations $18
L’Avventura (Sealed. Light impression of disc groove on back jacket.) $19
Le Notti Bianche $15
Leopard, The $25
Shoot the Piano Player $19

Boxsets, Series:

Cold Feet (Pilot and Complete First Series) $22
Cold Feet (Series Two. Little bend on corner of outer box) $22
French Connection I and II Boxset, The (Sealed) $19
Godfather Collection, The (Excellent condition. Very minor tiny scratches at outer edge of Disc one of GF Part II.) $28
Millennium: The Complete First Season (sealed)
Office Special, The (sealed) $13
OZ: Complete First Season $24
OZ: Complete Second Season $24
OZ: Complete Third Season $24
Rolling Stones - Four Flicks (sealed) $28
Sopranos, The - Complete Fourth Season $32
Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Black & White Tin (Sealed. OOP) $45
Wire, The- Complete First Season (A few minor box dings, otherwise pristine.) $38

7 Times Lucky (Kevin Pollak con men film) $5
11:14 (Rachael Leigh Cook, Barbara Hershey, Hillary Swank, Patrick Swayze, Henry Thomas) $7
24th Day, The (James Marsden, Scott Speedman) $5
Adam & Steve $6
Admissions (Lauren Ambrose, Amy Madigan) $4
Alamo, The (Rental case with jacket; no store markings, no insert) $4
All or Nothing (sealed) $6
Ambrosia: Real Artists Working (Sealed. Small nick in case at back bottom.) $2
American Gigolo $6
Anatomy (Sealed. Franka Potente) $5
Battle of Britain (Sealed. First release) $5
Better Luck Tomorrow $7
Book of Love (2004) (Simon Baker, Frances O'Connor, Gregory Smith) (Former rental in rental case with cover art; small store label at bottom of front cover. Disc has mild scratches and plays perfectly.) $3
Bulgarian Lovers (Unrated) $7
Celebrity Mix (Collection of shorts starring Zooey Deschanel, Paul Rudd, David Hyde Pierce, Felicity Huffman, Laura Kightlinger, Amy Acker, and others) $7
Chicago (1st release) $5
City of No Limits, The (Spain/Argentina) $7
Clara et Moi $6
Criminal (John C. Reilly, Diego Luna, Maggie Gyllenhaal. Mark through UPC; some light scratches but plays perfectly) $5
Crutch $5
Dead Bodies (Irish suspense film) $7
Dead Gorgeous (PBS Mystery starring Fay Ripley) $10
Dear Wendy (Directed by Thomas Vinterberg; written by Lars Von Trier) $9
Destinees, Les $7
Die Mommie Die! $6
Deliverance (sealed) $5
Double Whammy (Denis Leary, Elizabeth Hurley, Steve Buscemi) $5
Duma $6
Ed Wood SE (Sealed) (1st recalled release with crossdressing feature) $21
Empire (John Leguizamo, Peter Sarsgaard) $5
Everybody's All-American (sealed) $4
Exorcism of Emily Rose, The (UR w/slipcover) $6
Flashdance $5
Four Brothers (Some scratches; plays fine) $6
Game 6 (Michael Keaton, Robert Downey, Jr., Griffin Dunne. Former rental, disc in very good condition. Front jacket has some residue at bottom from where store label was removed. No insert -- don't know if it had one originally.) $4.00
Garden State (Former rental; disc is excellent) $4
Link Removed (Some light scratches; plays fine) $4
Girl (Dominique Swain, Sean Patrick Flanery) $6
Great White Hype, The (Sealed, some packaging dings) $4
Grey Zone, The $6
Happy Endings $6
Hard Pill $9
Heights $6
Hoodwinked $6
How to Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog (FS) $4
Hunger, The $8
Hush! (Hashiguchi Ryosuke) $9
In Her Shoes $6
Iron Ladies, The (Thai volleyball comedy) $7
Kitchen Stories $7
Lawn Dogs (Sam Rockwell, Mischa Barton, Kathleen Quinlan) $10
Let Him Have It $9
Lie with Me (Lauren Lee Smith, Eric Balfour) $10
Life on Liberty Street (Sealed. Hallmark Channel release. No aspect ratio stated. Stars Annabeth Gish, Ed Begley, Jr. and Ethan Embry) $3
Lisboa (Spanish. Starring Sergi Lopez and Carmen Maura) $5
Locals, The (New Zealand horror film) $5
Lords of Dogtown - Unrated and Extended Cut $5
Love is the Devil (Derek Jacobi, Daniel Craig) $10.00
Mile Zero (Light scuffs; plays perfectly) $5
Morlang (Film Movement Series. Please note that linked DVD Talk review contains what I consider spoilers.) $8
Nine Lives (Robin Wright Penn, Kathy Baker, Glenn Close, Amy Brenneman, William Fichtner, Jason Isaacs, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Sissy Spacek, Dakota Fanning, Joe Mantegna, Holly Hunter, Molly Parker) $7
Nothing (Directed by Vincenzo Natali of "Cube" and "Cypher") $6
November (Courteney Cox, James LeGros) $7
Old Men in New Cars (Danish. Prequel to "In China They Eat Dogs". Starring Kim Bodnia, Nikolaj Lie Kass, Iben Hjejle) $8
Our Lady of the Assassins (Small tear in jacket by spine) $7
Paranoia 1.0 (Jeremy Sisto, Deborah Unger, Lance Henriksen, Udo Kier) $5
Pipe Dream (Martin Donovan, Mary Louise Parker, Rebecca Gayheart. Plumber pretends to be a movie director.) $5
Quiet Earth, The $9
Red Bear, A (No insert – don’t know if it came with one) $8
Right Stuff, The (SE) (Slight wear on outer slipcover) $6
Ripley's Game (John Malkovich, Dougray Scott) $5
Roger Dodger $5
Savior $7
School of Rock $5
Secret Garden, The (Sealed) (earlier release) $5
Sex is Comedy (Dir. by Catherine Breillat, inspired by her experience filming “Fat Girl”) $7
Sisters, The (Maria Bello, Mary Stuart Masterson, Erika Christensen, Rip Torn, Eric McCormack, Chris O’Donnell, Alessandro Nivola, Elizabeth Banks, Tony Goldwyn) $7
Skeleton Key, The $5
Solaris $5
Spanish Fly (Sealed) $3
Speak (Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Perkins, D. B. Sweeney, Steve Zahn, Robert John Burke. A couple of light scratches; plays perfectly. No insert, but don't know if it originally had one.) $4
Stardom (Dir. by Denys Arcand. Jessica Pare, Dan Aykroyd, Thomas Gibson) $5
Straight into Darkness (Some scratches and light case wear; plays fine) $6
Suspect Zero $5
Suspicious River (Molly Parker of “Center of the World” and “Kissed”) $7
Talk Radio (Sealed, some case dings) $4
Tall Guy, The $4.50
Theory of the Leisure Class (Full Screen. Tuesday Knight, Michael Massee, Christopher McDonald, Brad Renfro, Athena Stensland) $5
Town is Quiet, The (French) $7
Unbelievable Truth, The (Dir. by Hal Hartley. Adrienne Shelley, Robert Burke) $6
Up and Down (Czech. Some scratches; plays flawlessly. No insert, but not sure it came with one.) $6
Velocity of Gary, The (Vincent D'Onofrio, Salma Hayek, Thomas Jane) $7
Warriors (Guerreros) (Spanish. Eduardo Noriega) $6
Waterborne $7
Way We Laughed, The $7
We Were Soldiers (Canadian release) $5
Where the Truth Lies (UR. Director Atom Egoyan, starring Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth, Alison Lohman. A few light marks; plays perfectly) $6
Wild Child, The (Francois Truffaut) $6
Wonderland $5
World's Fastest Indian, The $7.50
Year of the Yao, The (1.33:1 OAR) $5


Bliss (R4. 2-disc. Directed by Ray Lawrence of "Lantana". The case sustained a crack in transit on the bottom; otherwise pristine.) $10
Ivans xtc. (R2 Sweden. Stars Peter Weller, Danny Huston, Victoria Silvstedt) $6
Octane (US title "Pulse") (R4. Madeleine Stowe, Mischa Barton, Norman Reedus, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.) $8
Link Removed (R2. HBO Production -- full frame. Denis Leary, Michael Rapaport, Steve Zahn, Mercedes Ruehl, Rosie Perez, Christine Lahti, Michael McGlone, Anne Heche. Some case wear.) $5
Link Removed (R2. Charlotte Rampling, Carole Bouquet, Jacques Dutronc, Michel Blanc)


CD - Heatguy-J: Burn - Original Soundtrack Music by Tryforce(Punch at UPC)
Asako in Ruby Shoes (FS) ($4.00)
Bakery Amour $4
Blind Shaft (Sealed) $12.00
Close Your Eyes and Hold Me $4.50
Club Butterfly (DeltaMac) $5
Friend $5
From the Queen to the Chief Executive (OOP)
Jiang Hu $7
Lifeline (Johnny To) $4
Love Battlefield (Eason Chan, Niki Chow) $5
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Tony Leung Ka-Fai. Different cover than shown here.) $3
Marriage is a Crazy Thing (Mega Star. Korean film) $5
Noir (Volumes 1 – 7)
Premonition $6
Link Removed (Limited Special Edition) (OOP) $28 (heavy for shipping)
Shaolin Popey $3
Shogun’s Samurai $8
Sleepless Town (Takeshi Kaneshiro) $5
Tempting Heart $4
Wasabi (DTS. Winson Entertainment) $5


WANTS (Concentrating on only the following titles at the moment):

Only widescreen versions wanted where available.

12 and Holding
Battlestar Galactica S1
Big Love S1 (10/20)
Brotherhood S1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7 (slimpack only)
Carnivale S2
Games of Love and Chance
Gloomy Sunday
Kicking and Screaming CC
King, The
Murder in Suburbia
Nip/Tuck S3
Petite Lili, La
Rome S1
Seagull's Laughter
Supernatural S1
Unknown White Male
Wire, The S3


My Secret Cache

Other Region Wants:

After the Wedding (R2)
Gettin' Square (R4)
Life on Mars S1 (R2)

I’m on the GTL. Thanks for looking! :)

Elizabeth S

Senior HTF Member
May 9, 2001
Real Name
Elizabeth S

Kitchen Stories
Happy Endings
Better Luck Tomorrow
Garden State
Jiang Hu

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