VANILLA SKY SE coming... eventually...

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    From Cameron Crowe Online
    The other featurette "Hitting It Hard" is a 9 1/2 minute look at Cameron's world wide press tour (with Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz). The big news here is that they are also working on a longer version of this (60 - 90 minutes) which should hopefully see a release in a year or so. There was a very short window for the gang to cull everything they wanted for the DVD and it just couldn't happen. With a May 21st release, they really only had a few months to get it ready, so we can look forward to a separate DVD release of additional things (such as the longer "Hitting It Hard", deleted scenes, etc.) ala The Matrix Revisited or possibly in a Super Duper 2 Disc Special Edition (like the Untitled DVD). Be patient, this will get done when it's done, so don't expect anything for awhile (like 12 - 24 months).
    Oh well, guess I'll be re-buying this one.
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    I waited for the Bootleg cut of Almost Famous, and was very pleased. I will wait for Vanilla Sky.

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